Detox for weight loss


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Detox for weight loss

  1. 1. Detox For Weight LossDetoxification means cleaning the blood. Itdoes this mainly by removing impuritiesfrom the blood in the liver, where toxins areprocessed for elimination. The body alsoeliminates toxins through the kidneys,intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However,when this system is compromised,impurities arent properly filtered and everycell in the body is adversely affected.Our body is designed to utilize naturalsubstances, which includes foods, herbs andphytochemicals. Any foreign substance willserve as a stimulus to our immune system,which has the function of removing thesesubstances. Although the toxicity of achemical may vary, it is the job of the liverto reduce toxins into compounds that thebody can safely handle and eliminatethrough the kidneys (as urine), skin (assweat), lungs (as expelled air) and bowels Detox For Weight Loss
  2. 2. (as faeces). Maintaining these eliminativeorgans in good working order is essential forones good health to continue.Poisonous substances, or toxins, enter ourbody each and every day from our contactwith a polluted environment and also fromour food and drink. The poisons build up inthe body and cause many different healthproblems, including cancer and heartdisease. This is why it is so important totake some time to detox your body.Detox can help you lose weight, andrejuvenate your body. In a world filled withtoxins detox diets are becoming ever moreimportant. A detox diet can cleans years oftoxin build up in the cells resulting in clarityof mind, health, energy and a newbeginning for people who are sick. The ideaof a good detox diet is to eat pure andnatural foods that will aid the function of the Detox For Weight Loss
  3. 3. lymph, kidneys, and liver. All foods thathinder the regime will be avoided.One cause of weight gain is the bodysmanufacture of fat for the storage ofsynthetic toxins it cannot process. If thebody does not have the nutrients to processout the toxins when they enter the liver,they are stored, either in the liver or in fattissue. There is a distinct connectionbetween body toxicity and weight gain.Toxins are stored in fat cells. As toxicityincreases, the fat cells enlarge in size. Oneof the reasons detoxification is an excellentway to lose weight is simply due to the factthat a reduction in toxic build up in fat cellsdirectly contributes to a decrease in theactual size of fat cells. Detox For Weight Loss
  4. 4. The body’s metabolism does not functionproperly in those suffering from obesity. Thecurrent level of human exposure tosynthetic organic and inorganic chemicalsmight be responsible for damaging many ofthe body’s natural weight-controlmechanisms.Through improved diet and lifestyle habitsyou can strengthen your immune systemand keep your health at an optimal level.The body will feel the effects of cleansestraight away through rebalanced hormonelevels, a rise in energy levels, physically,mentally and sexually and an improvedsense of awareness and creativity. You willfeel like a different person, because you are!Your outlook and attitude will have changedbecause through cleansing and improveddiet your actual cell makes up has changed. Detox For Weight Loss