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Meet Henry


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An aspiring young professional with fine suits and fast cars, it’s fair to say that Henry has a slightly inflated ego. Recently, Henry was given a make-or-break career opportunity – to deliver a stunning presentation. So what did Mr. MBA do?

Within 24 hours he assembled a knockout PowerPoint, complete with a fancy company template and exquisite bullet points. Henry pulled out all the stops. He even made handouts of his slides. It was a recipe for success. So he thinks…

Meet Henry. He doesn’t know any better.

Today we live in a business culture that abuses the art and science of public speaking. It’s a culture where PowerPoint is the norm, reading from you slides is accepted, and wasting everyone’s time is a given. When you think about it, it’s really quite disturbing.

Now… meet Erica. Erica is changing the world.

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