Task 5 - Embed a range of music videos and explian why I like them.


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Task 5 - Embed a range of music videos and explian why I like them.

  1. 1. I chose this video due to Jack's comedy performance with each t-shirt relating to the lyrics. Relating to the t-shirts I am interested in how long it took the cast to produce the music video and how long it took to edit and match the lip-sinking as each time he says a word the t-shirt changes. In the music video he has a lot of close-ups on himself or the t-shirts he is wearing . Just Jack – Glory Days
  2. 2. I like this music video because the lyrics and the visuals have a relationship. Also I like the beginning shot as it shoots a city from dark to light whilst the camera moves backwards through a window to the room of where R Kelly is sleeping but things don't seem right so you just keep watching just to see what happens next. R Kelly realises he has slept with another women, he goes to walk out and she explains her husband is coming upstairs, so he gets in the closet. The ending shot is also quite interesting as R Kelly hides in the closet and the man in the room looks at the closet and R Kelly decides to focus on saying "...at the closet" five times to insure the viewer remember that the title is about the closet. R. Kelly – Trapped in the closet
  3. 3. This was Lady GaGa's first music video in the UK and she wanted to make an impression on everyone and she does it in all of her videos. She acts more dominate than everyone in the room and wears bright clothes and make up with lightening bolt going from her eyebrow to her lower cheek. Her lyrics match her video as she says "Just Dance" and everyone is dancing around at a house party. Throughout the entire music video the image changes every second or two to another image still of a party but in a different angle or focused of Lady Gaga or people partying. L a d y G A G a - Just Dance
  4. 4. As I have seen Kids in glass houses also known as KIGH; I have a huge passion for their music and performance. I believe in this video they sing "give me what I want" to a crowd which makes the impression their want people to come to their gigs. I like this video also as the camera moves from room to room revealing a different image like a party or an argument and I personally want to keep watching to see what is next. Kids in Glass Houses Give me what I want