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Pinterest 30 Day Challenge - Day 7


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Pinterest 30 Day Challenge Training: This video contains tips that can contribute to a larger Pinterest following and can help you get found within the temperamental Pinterest search engine. You can set yourself apart from other marketers in your niche if you follow these tips.

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Pinterest 30 Day Challenge - Day 7

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing | Relationship Building | Presentation
  2. 2. #Pinterest4BizJoin our Pinterest 30 Day Marketing Challenge
  3. 3. #Pinterest4Biz
  4. 4. #Pinterest4BizHow to Create HighlyEffective Boards onPinterest?Day 7
  5. 5. #Pinterest4BizBoard NamesUnique to YOUR BrandTell a story through your pinsCommunicates what is important toyour brandCreating Highly Effective Boards
  6. 6. #Pinterest4BizGet You Started…Personal or Company Story BoardBlog ArticlesMotivational QuotesSocial Media BoardCreating Highly Effective Boards
  7. 7. #Pinterest4BizCategorize CorrectlyRight category = reaching your targetmarketAnnoying find pins that don’t apply toa categoryCreating Highly Effective Boards
  8. 8. #Pinterest4BizBoard DescriptionsDefine your board to help tell thestory (especially if you are using aunique board title)Creating Highly Effective Boards
  9. 9. #Pinterest4BizLinking to Valuable ResourcesConnect to something outsidePinterestPin Picture should match the linkresource – don’t try to trick themCreating Highly Effective Boards
  10. 10. #Pinterest4BizBoard Cover PictureLast pin appears in the main visual boxAppealing visuallyChange it regularlyMake sure it fits the windowCreating Highly Effective Boards
  11. 11. #Pinterest4BizRearrange BoardsPeople are drawn to the top boardsYou want those to appeal to yourtarget marketMake sure the ones on top representyour brand the bestCreating Highly Effective Boards
  12. 12. #Pinterest4BizCreate Contributor BoardsIncreases engagementGet more followersReach more PinnersCreating Highly Effective Boards
  13. 13. #Pinterest4BizUse Secret BoardsPlan ahead so you don’t have blankboardsMembers of you team can add pinsPlan for a promotionCompetitor ideasCreating Highly Effective Boards
  14. 14. #Pinterest4BizJoin our Pinterest 30 Day Marketing Challenge
  15. 15. Cheryl 935-4413www.CherylStinchcomb.comI offer a lot of training forboth Pinterest and Facebookon my website…