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  1. 1. Curriculum vitae<br />Che-Leigh PeinkeEmail: 082 070 6062Address: No 12 Harrogate hall,Essen wood Road,Durban<br />1809750-590550<br /> <br /> Personal information<br />Identity Number: 8612300137084<br />Nationality: South African<br />Gender: Female<br />Marital Status: Single<br />Languages: English (First language)<br /> Afrikaans (Second language)<br />Transport: Yes<br />Drivers’ license: Yes<br />State of Health: Excellent<br />Notice Period: 1 month<br />Hello<br />Personal Profile<br />Who is Che-Leigh Peinke? I am a fresh, funky and innovative 23 years old. I am currently completing my third year of studying towards a Diploma in Marketing (IMM). I strive to complete my Degree in Marketing (BBAM) in the near future to further my knowledge and skills whilst working in the Market place. I would love to get into the marketing/promotional field as it relates to my studies and I feel it is a profession that I will be well suited to, most comfortable and a career where I will be able to grow in many ways. I would love the opportunity to use my educational background that I have obtained whilst studying and my practical expertise that I have gained in the sales field throughout the past three years and will continue to do so, applying it practically to the work environment, giving me a greater understanding of the market place. I have always had a creative flair and I believe creativity is a very important attribute to have in the marketing field as it is very competitive and ever changing, so it is vital that new and imaginative ideas are constantly being compiled to stay ahead of your competition and to make sure you make your mark in the Marketing industry. I am a very outspoken, friendly, passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated and disciplined individual and I believe if given the chance, I can make a great success of myself and the company I work for one day.<br />Hobbies and interests<br />Photography: I was fortunate enough to do Photography as a course for my high school Metric year. Photography has always been a passion of mine, I love the different images and ideas and stories that you can convey or capture through a single photograph. It gives you the opportunity to experiment and be creative.<br />Outdoor activities: I am a big fan of the outdoors, especially growing up in the garden Route in Kenyans. I love to explore the beauties of nature; it’s such an exhilarating feeling and keeps the body and mind young, fresh and healthy<br />Gym is a great way to keep fit and healthy and to train different muscles in the body that I knew never even existed. This keeps not only the body healthy but the mind too. I love the feeling of endorphins flowing through your body after a good work out. The gym is a great way to meet new and different kinds of people too.<br />Socializing: I would definitely say that I am an extrovert as I love to mingle with people, sharing different stories, experiences and ideas, and is a great way for networking.<br />Music has been a passion of mine from a young age. Music is a way to relax, escape, expresses your feelings and brings back fond or sad memories from past experiences. I find a lot of inspiration through the different types of music that I listen to. <br />Fashion and Magazines are a way to express who you are and what you are all about, I like experimenting with different styles for the different phases that I go through out my life. Fashion is such a great way to experiment and be creative. <br />Personal ProfileDancing is a fun and beautiful way of self expression and a great way to escape. <br />Traveling: I love the different cultures, the different ways of life, different languages that different countries have to offer. It’s so liberating and helped me grow and understand more about people in somany different and exciting ways.<br /> Education background<br />68389509439275<br />High SchoolYork High School<br />Matriculate2004 (B+)<br />Subjects<br />Biology HG<br /> Geography HG<br /> Photography HG<br /> English (First Language) HG<br /> Afrikaans (Second Language) SG<br /> Computer Studies – Microsoft Office SG<br />Tertiary InstituteVarsity College<br />Diploma Integrated Marketing Management<br />Duration3 years / (4th year optional)<br />I strive to complete my Degree in Marketing (BBAM) in the near future to further my knowledge and skills whilst working in the Market place.<br />Year 1<br />Principles of Marketing<br />Educational BackgroundBusiness Communication<br />Business Law<br />Business Management<br />Macro Economics<br />Micro Economic<br />Year 2<br />Practice of Marketing <br />Consumer and Buyer Behavior <br />Marketing Communications <br />Statistical Analysis <br />Year 3<br />Marketing Research<br />Financial Management<br />International Marketing<br />Marketing Strategy<br />Computer Skills: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, And Access.64770009220200Internet, E-mail, Quick Books accounting<br />Work experience<br />EmployerAZURE GUEST HOUSE - KNYSNA <br />DurationNovember 2004 – January 2005<br />CityKnysna (Western Cape)<br />Position HeldAssistant Manageress<br />Responsibilities<br /><ul><li> General office duties </li></ul>· Filling out applications and filing <br />· Client and guest liaison <br />· Booking Reservations and Data Capturing<br />Booking flights and reservations<br />· Helping guests and handling guest complaints<br />· Handling Petty cash <br />· Overlooking the kitchen <br />Reference: Sydne (General Manager)<br />(044) 382 1221<br />EmployerSMITTEN PRODUCTIONS, STUDENT WISE & SAB Miller<br />DurationJan 2005 - Dec 2007<br />CityKnysna, Cape Town, Durban<br />Position HeldPromotional Agent / Marketer/promotions coordinator<br />ResponsibilitiesPromoting products and Services <br />Liaising with suppliers, customers and Clients <br />Sourcing and briefing promoters on various promotions.<br />Assisting with branding and promotions at special events.<br />Work ExperienceResponsible for co-coordinating promoters as well as liaising with sponsors<br />Assisting with store promotion setups<br />Market research on the various market segments<br />Conducting surveys <br />Delivering sales ideas and objectives<br />Stock take<br />Retail auditing<br />Liaising with existing client accounts and the obtaining of new clients<br />Conceptualizing marketing strategies<br />EmployerMcCarthy Group – Umhlanga Crescent <br />DurationJan 2008 – October 2008<br />CityDurban (Kwazulu-Natal)<br />Position Held New car Sales Executive<br />ResponsibilitiesMarketing<br />Telemarketing / e-mail / <br />Presenting and selling online<br />Compiling and designing of adverts to publish on the internet <br />Prospecting<br />Presentations on Power-point<br />Research <br />Setting up appointments with various companies<br />Distributing visual aids<br />Sales<br />Face to face interaction and Sales<br />Addressing customer concerns <br />Following up<br />EmployerOlivetti Corporate<br />Duration Oct 2008 – Present<br />CityDurban (Kwazulu-Natal)<br />Position heldCorporate Sales / Key accounts Executive<br />Work experience<br />Thank you for your time…<br />68865759020175<br />