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New teeth mold

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New teeth mold

  1. 1. New Teeth Moldconformal system for vital sign monitoring (可繞式感應器)鍾承佑陳柏彣林貫文陳玠宇林建宏黃映婷李昊庭
  2. 2. The technology we are going to developconformal system for vital sign monitoring
  3. 3. PrototypeTake 3Shape, an existing product, as an exampleBite Force?
  4. 4. Anti-adhesiveCeramic substrateAdhesivesPower systemCommunication systemMaterialPower andcommunicationsSensing elementPressure sensorMotion sensorIMEC Matrix TechnologyStrength and motion sensingOverall scanOpticalscannersDual CTscannerBlue LEDDynamic Imaging Technology3D imagescanSoftware design toolsCATIA digital surface editorComputer-assisted surgical correction simulation of 3D imagesThe automation teeth identity recognition systemCAD / CAM toolsDigital tooth moldPDMS
  5. 5. Dental Industry•Up to 1/10 in 1000 people don’t need to wear braces.•12,000 dental offices may use our products.•700,000 people go to have braces, price of tooth moldfrom 1000~3000 NTD.
  6. 6. Potential Market•Economic:People are more able to afford their body needs and livea better life, willing to pay for teeth they used to eat.•Social:Focus about our health and how we look, also willing paymoney to have healthy teeth.
  7. 7. Regulation inTaiwanHealth care insurance:• Government has given subsidy to encourage seniors having dentures,and has come up a program to subsidize children go to the orthodontics.• Still many teeth issues haven’t been covered by insurance, so there’smany profitable space in this dental industry.
  8. 8. TDS Biotech(寶鈺生技)• TDS =TOTAL DENTAL SOLUTION• Emphasis on digital & conventional offshore production forcustomers from all over the world.• The only lab in Asia with its own CAD/CAM solutions used indental prosthesis production
  9. 9. Delcam• Taiwans largest CAM companies- service network throughout theNorth, South and Dongguan, Kunshan in Mainland China,Taiwan andthe mainland-basedTaiwanese software marketing and technicalsupport.• A professional CAD / CAM services team- deep roots inTaiwan in thepast two decades.• Customers range from mold, automotive, 3C to shoes, medicalsupplies etc.• Experienced - to develop a professional brand image, havingundoubtedly become the leading company in the market.
  10. 10. Nobel Biocare• The world leader in innovative esthetic dental solutions and aone-stop-shop for restorative esthetic dentistry.• Offering a wide range of innovative Crown & Bridge & Implantproducts, as well as training & education and clinicallydocumented treatment concepts.• Enabling dental specialists, general practitioners and dentaltechnicians to offer patients high esthetic new teeth.
  11. 11. Medical Center• There are 19 medical center inTaiwan , including the educationsystem and a research center• Cooperate with them and transfer the core technology orauthorized• Promote core technology by the medical center• We need the endorsement of medical center
  12. 12. Nationaland Certification units• Enhance the acceptance and safety of safety• Certificated by the government is the best gurantee• Promote by the power of government

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