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Social Media Fatigue: How much is too much?

A FILM260 flipbook.

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Film260 flipbook

  1. 1. How muchis too much?Image by Robin HuttonBy Chen Du
  2. 2. Along with the dawn oftechnology comes anew set of obligationsImage by Paul Johnston
  3. 3. As social creatures,we find ourselves immersed in a worldwhere maintaining both online andoffline ties is vital to our successImage by A_nick
  4. 4. But what happens when one isprioritized over the other?Image by THEREFINEDMIND
  5. 5. A person without a or accountmay be seen as unsociable,regardless of theindividual’s actualidentity.Image by Yohann Aberkane
  6. 6. It has become a stigma that in orderto be connectedone must be connected onlineImage by Jamie Henderson
  7. 7. Sites like Facebook have been, insome way or another, implementedto our daily livesImage by Kristie Wells
  8. 8. “Canadians are increasingly usingsocial media for its ratherthan entertainment.”– Charles ZamariaSource: ‘Facebook fatigue’ and the aging social network
  9. 9. “Many people simply feel they can’tleave Facebook forever because it’sintegrated into everyday event planning,networkingand decision making” – Peter CorbettImage by mysterystarsSource: ‘Facebook fatigue’ and the aging social network
  10. 10. “For youth that are looking forinstant gratification, there’sa legacy where in life stages of theindividual, Facebook comes back.”– Charles ZamariaImage by TheSpaceQueen87Source: ‘Facebook fatigue’ and the aging social network
  11. 11. This button holds more powerthan what we give it credit for.It could make or break a relationship between people.Image by Sean MacEntee
  12. 12. “It was actually what peopledidn’t do on Facebook that causedthe most strife.”Image taken from– Allison McCannSource: How Facebook Ruined Dating (And Breaking Up Too)
  13. 13. “ This expectation of constantconnectivity is making some ofus craz with insecurity.”- Elizabeth BernsteinImage by Helga WeberSource: He Texts, She Tweets—Are They E-Compatible?
  14. 14. “Did your email to a friend orrelative fail to elicit animmediate response?”“Clearly, he or she is angry.Or .”- Elizabeth BernsteinImage by ScuddrSource: He Texts, She Tweets—Are They E-Compatible?
  15. 15. Only 7% of communicationconsists of words themselves93% of what you might actually mean is lost in translation.Image by Dirk DallasSource: Body Language: A Key to Success in the Workplace
  16. 16. Is communicating via a 26 lettersystem across pixilated screensreally worth it justbecause it’sconvenient?Image by Love Krittaya
  17. 17. How about the occasionalhand’s warmth …Image by Samuraijohnny
  18. 18. Rather than theartificialcoldness of thekeyboard?Image by Diane Hammond
  19. 19. Sometimes we’re so engrossed in uploading the perfectpicture to sites like Instagram that we end upbut not experienceswith captured moments,Image by Penn StateSource: Are social media killing your relationship?
  20. 20. We lose ourselves in the lives ofothers on , giving time andattention to ,rather than the people in whom youre investedImage by Jesús Pérez Pacheco Source: Are social media killing your relationship?
  21. 21. Social media networks have becomewhat is the culture of this generation.Image by Danny Santos II
  22. 22. One can easily feelalienated among their peerswithout social sites.Image by michibanban
  23. 23. connecting billionsworldwide with a singleclick.If utilized correctly, it can be oneof the greatest tools of mankind,Image by Judy van der Velden
  24. 24. However, no matterour obsession, weshouldn’t be ruled bythe standards ofsocial media.Image by cristinacosta
  25. 25. Creative Commons LicenseAll images are licensed under theCreative Commons Non-CommericalShare-Alike 3.0 agreement and aresourced from Flickr or GoogleImages.Image by _lgqgpy
  26. 26. Sources• Are social media killing your relationship? – HearstCommunications, Inc.• ‘Facebook fatigue’ and the aging social network – Carys Mills• How Facebook Ruined Dating (And Breaking Up Too) – AllisonMcCann• Body Language: A Key to Success in the Workplace – CarmineGallo• He Texts, She Tweets—Are They E-Compatible? - ElizabethBernstein by Sydney Alvares