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Advocacy ppt


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Advocacy ppt

  1. 1. Families and Children Living in Poverty Group Members: DanYun Chen (Vivian) KaiLei Cheng (Kelly) LiJuan Zhu (Peggy) ShuJun Pan (Mira) YingQuan Liang(Aegean)04/25/12
  2. 2. The situation of families and children who live in poverty in CanadaStatistic: “In Ontario, 17% of all children  estimated number of people were living in low-income who were homeless in Toronto families” ( Textbook, page 18) in April 2009: 5,086 (Toronto “Female-led lone parent Star, page A8) families have a child poverty  average time a person is rate of 40%”(Textbook, page homeless: 3 years (Toronto 18) Star, page A8) “According to Food Banks Canada, in 2009 37.2% of food bank clients were under 18, and families with children make up more than 50% of recipients” ( Textbook, page 18)04/25/12
  3. 3. Our Advocacy StatementWe believe families and children living in poverty is an urgent issue which need to be addressed as soon as possible.We believe that we should encourage everyone take initiative to help families and children who live in poverty by using different approaches.04/25/12
  4. 4. What does St. John do Why we choose St. John Address: 155 Broadview Avenue, Toronto Ontario, M4M 2E9 Phone: 416-466-1357 Fax: 416-3517 Web: •St.John’s Bakery •St.John’s Thrift Store •Drop-in Hours and Meal Programs •St.John Academy •St.Mary of Egypt Refuge •Oikos Family Counseling Services St. Xenia’s Home04/25/12 •Lived Theology School
  5. 5. Our Actions in St. John March 12, 2012 We helped in St. Johns Thrift Store • sorted donated clothing • hung clothing • organized shelves & clothing04/25/12
  6. 6. Our Actions in St. John (Contd) March 31, 2012 We helped in St. Johns Meal Program • helped in the kitchen • served food for people • cleaned up tables afterwards04/25/12
  7. 7. Our Actions in St. John (Contd) March 31, 2012 We distributed free courses information in centennial college to people in the St. John04/25/12
  8. 8. Our action to convince others to help• April 11, 2012 I published a note on my Fecebook. It talks about our volunteering experiences in St.John. Also, encourage people to be volunteers in St. John.•
  9. 9. Follow up action plan • We can help more ! Gathering people Donate the food together to buy to St. John, or food from small share them with business homeless people04/25/12
  10. 10. Agencies support people who live in povertyAgincourt Community Services Association(ACSA)• ACSA is a non-profit, multi- service agency ACSA Child & Family• Donate to ACSA food bank Centre and homeless and housing 4139 Sheppard Ave East department Toronto, Ontario, M1S 1T1• Child and Family Centre Tel: 416-299-9872 Email :• Street Outreach Service kpriyanka@agincourtcommunitys• Homeless and Housing http://www.agincourtcommunityse Service04/25/12
  11. 11. CAMPAIGN 2000Campaign 2000 Project• Campaign 2000 is a cross-Canada public education and support for the 1989 all-party House of Commons resolution to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000• Youth Action Committee• Take action by Support the Poverty Elimination Act- Write to your MP to pass Bill C-233Family Service Toronto (FST)355 Church St.(416) 595-9230, Ext. 228
  12. 12. Video Clip• Animoto (about our volunteering experiences in St. John)•
  13. 13. 04/25/12
  14. 14. Reference ListTextbook A Guide to Child Care and Early Learning in Ontario. 2010ed.Newspaper Toronto Star, 201204/25/12