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Top 5 Selling Chemicals At Tradeasia International In Vietnam


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This Power Point will answer you what the top 5 selling chemicals at Tradeasia in Vietnam are and instruct you how to buy these top 5 selling chemicals.

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Top 5 Selling Chemicals At Tradeasia International In Vietnam

  1. 1. At Tradeasia International In Vietnam TRADEASIA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD
  2. 2. Sodium Sulphate Aluminium Sulphate Hydrogen Peroxide Caustic Soda Stearic Acid
  3. 3.  Other name: Glauber’s salt  Appearance: White crystalline solid  Formula: Na2SO4  Application: Used as a leveling agent in textile industry, as a filler in powder detergent products, and also as a makeup chemical in the Kraft process of wood  Packaging: in bags
  4. 4.  Other name: Cake alum or aluminum salt  Appearance: odorless white or off- white crystalline solid or powder  Formula: Al2(SO4)3  Application: Used in waste water treatment industry, paper industry and agriculture industry.  Packaging: in PP/PE bags
  5. 5.  Appearance: Clear viscous liquid  Formula: H2O2  Application: used as a bleaching agent in textile industry, in the pulp and paper industry and in cosmetics industry  Packaging: in jerry can or drum
  6. 6.  Other name: Octadecanoic acid  Appearance: Waxy white solid  Formula: CH3(CH2)16CO2H  Application: used in manufacturing candles, soap and cosmetics, etc.  Packaging: in woven bags
  7. 7.  Other name: Sodium hydroxide  Appearance: Flakes or pearls  Formula: NaOH  Application: Used in paper industry, in the making of soap and detergents  Packaging: in PP woven bags with HDPE inner liner
  8. 8.  To buy Tradeasia’s Top 5 selling chemicals and other industrial chemicals, please visit our website: TRADEASIA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD