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Paper industy slide share


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Learn about the manufacturing process about the paper industry namely the pulping, recovery, bleaching and finishing processes.

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Paper industy slide share

  1. 1. Paper Industy The manufacturing process
  2. 2. Pulping process Wood chips are cooked in pressurized digesters with strong basic solution and high temperature Deliginification of wood chips gives cellulose pulp that are free from lignins
  3. 3. Some chemicals used in Kraft’s process includes ❖Caustic Soda ❖Sodium Sulfide ❖Sodium Sulfate Pulping process
  4. 4. Recovery process Black liquor formed as a byproduct of pulping, containing excess pulping chemicals that can be reused This process encourages 97% chemical efficiency for Kraft’s chemical pulping process
  5. 5. Some chemicals used include ❖Soda Ash ❖Lime or Hydrated Lime Recovery process
  6. 6. Bleaching process Wood pulp retain their brownish parent color if untreated This is due to residual ligins still present in the pulp Bleaching usually involves using chemicals with strong reacting properties to whiten the pulps
  7. 7. Some chemicals used include ❖Sodium Hypochlorite ❖Sodium Chlorite ❖Sodium Thiosulphate (anti-chlor agent) ❖Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching process
  8. 8. Finishing Process Additives are added in this process to modify the physical properties of paper Some properties includes opacity, optical brightness, strength and density of the final paper product
  9. 9. Some chemicals used include ❖Calcium Carbonate ❖Titanium Dioxide ❖Talc Finishing Process