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Indonesia Soap Market and Process Making


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this ppt explains about how to make soap by chemicals provided by PT Sree International Indonesia, how soap market in Indonesia grows well and how to order the chemical by contacting tradeasia group

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Indonesia Soap Market and Process Making

  1. 1. INDONESIA SOAP MARKET & PROCESS MAKING the future of Indonesia soap
  2. 2. Process Overview Ingredients Soap Benefits CONTENT 1 2 3 Soap Market in Indonesia4
  3. 3. Saponification Product Results is a soap making process that takes place by reacting fatty acid with alkali salts that produce carbonyl (a type of soap) and glycerol (alcohol) • Soap • Glycerin Process Overview Please insert sub-title
  4. 4. Ingredient Fatty acid Alkali salt oil There are several types of oil such as : olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, soybean oil Derived from animal fats & vegetable • Na2CO3 and KOH • NaOH and K2CO3 Ingredients There are some components to be used in soap process additi onal Liquid filler, dyes, perfumes, bleach
  5. 5. Basic material C12- C18 >C20<C12 Normal to skin Less soluble Irritation to skin Ingredients
  6. 6. Sodium Laurate Sodium Palmetat e Sodium Stearate Sodium Myristat e Sodium Oleic Mixture component Mixture Components
  7. 7. Soap Market in Indonesia Soap market is still able to grow due to demand rate higher than production rate
  8. 8. Soap Market in Indonesia This data shows how domestic product increase
  9. 9. Soap Transparant Market in Indonesia This data shows that soap transparant is having big possibility to be handled in Indonesia
  10. 10. Visit our website  Pick the choosen chemical Klik “order” HOW TO ORDER? Any question?contact us! 2 1 4 3
  11. 11. Thank you !