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Indonesia Soap & Detergent Industry


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This ppt gives an overview about soap & detergent industry in Indonesia. How this market grows since the last decade, how this market play a role in the international needs, and how this market profitable in the future

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Indonesia Soap & Detergent Industry

  1. 1. Indonesia Soap & Detergent Industry PT Sree International Indonesia – Tradeasia Group
  2. 2. Background 1. • Tropic area • High humidity location 1. • Bath regularly • Health & clean lifestyle 1. The larger of its population, the greater needs will be How this industry grow? Indonesia, located in the tropic area, have a lifestyle that may be different with the community in a cold climate countries / subtropical. Hot tropical climate with high humidity, requiring lifestyle bathe regularly. Therefore, this requires soap, good soap, laundry soap or detergent. The larger of its population, the greater needs of the soap will be.
  3. 3. Indonesia Soap and Detergent Deployment in Indonesia Most of production from java island This is due to the most population among all islands in Indonesia Huge domestic consumption need As the population number Indonesia in 4th number in the world 1 2 3
  4. 4. Soap & Detergent Production KTon year There is an increasing trend of soap & detergent production grows well The market
  5. 5. Soap & Detergent Industry in Indonesia Market Increasing trend of export Good future market percent year domesti c export
  6. 6. Soap & Detergent Export Destination Angola SOAP DETERGENT Ethiopia the United Arab Emirates India Malaysia Japan Malaysia Singapore
  7. 7. Order Soap & Detergent Chemicals in Indonesia 1. 2. 3. 4. Visit our website There will be various number of chemicals for soap & detergent application Search soap & detergent chemical For example: lauric acid Choose the chemical Please feel free to contact us at : Ph: +622157991823 Fx: +622157991530 Make an order
  8. 8. Thank You PT. Sree International Indonesia Tradeasia Group