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Detergent industry


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Comprehensive overview of the detergent industry. The slides include the manufacturing process, different types of detergent, market trends and shifts.

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Detergent industry

  1. 1. Detergent & Soap Industry
  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction / Overview of the Industry - 3 Manufacturing process - Types of detergent 2. Trends and Market shifts
  3. 3. Powdered Detergent: Spray Drying Process Manufacturing Processes Sharp & Rotating blades to mix for a fine consistency The liquid is sprayed out The exposure to hot air causes the liquid to dry up and crumbles easily, Finally producing the
  4. 4. Powdered Detergent: Agglomeration Process / Dry Mixing Manufacturing Processes Dry materials are mixed with the liquids. The ingredients collide and adhere to each other upon liquid binder.
  5. 5. Liquid Detergent: Blending Process Manufacturing Processes Dry and Liquid ingredients are placed in the blender that continues the mixing of the ingredients. The product is released at the small opening of the container and sent for packaging.
  6. 6. Surfactants Surface active agents that removes dirt/ grease. Builders & Other Additives Builders: Softens hard-water Additives: Bleaching / Brightening agents / Anti-redeposition agent Fillers & Stabilisers Fillers: Binding agent & add bulk to the product Stabilisers: Foam Stabilisers or Anti-foaming Agent Preparation Chemical Not directly used in manufacturing of detergent, but required to prepare the essential chemicals in detergent 4 Categories
  7. 7. Market Trends 1. Analysts found a correlation of the standard living of a nation and its usage of soap and detergent products. • E.g: China, GDP increased by 30% during the last 5 years • Similar trends in developing countries • Potential Market for Detergent Industry
  8. 8. Market Trends • Liquid detergent is compatible in both warm and cold water • Stains are removed better by liquid detergent • Increase demand of liquid detergent drives the chemicals for its manufacturing Liquid Detergent Powder Detergent 2. Liquid Laundry Detergents over Powdered Detergents
  9. 9. Market Trends 3.Trend of Environmental Friendly Products • Especially prominent in developed markets, such as European & American Market • EU banned phosphates in detergents, further drives the market for green products. • Phosphates has been linked to eutrophication (excess algae growth in water bodies) • Non-biodegradable chemicals pose problems to aquatic lives