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Presentation Technolog Co Ltd.


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Presentation Technolog Co Ltd.

  1. 1. Technolog Co Ltd Russia 2012
  2. 2. Company background Family run business in expansion stage Headed by PhD in Chemistry Founded 1990 Specializes in Fine Chemistry R&D and manufacturing facilities Variety of products & applications (for high precision engineering, construction, pharmacology and other industries) Quality confirmed by repeated orders Custom required solutions Strength in the first stage of product development
  3. 3. Activity profile Complex chemical solutions Identification and synthesis of new substances with required characteristics Technology and process development Fine Chemical Technology Links to scientific research institutions and big manufacturing companies
  4. 4. PolivinilformalCurrent Applications:• Filtration of frions in big refrigerators (fishing vessels)• Filtration of diesel• Filtration of industrial waste oils• Liquid absorption during eye surgery• AC system (as humidifying & purifying component or as filtering & drying component)• Drying of chemical solvents
  5. 5. Effects filtering of hard particles and water, cancerogenic and resinous substances improved economy and ecology diesel consumption reduced to 5% - 20 % reduction of highly toxic substances in emissions (from 20 to 100 times) longer life for diesel engines and maintenance free time
  6. 6. Properties Absorbs and holds between 700% to 1500% of water Neutral and stable material Filtration on molecular level End of life through burning (like wood)
  7. 7. Alternative applications Filtration of aviation & marine fuel Filtration of vegetable oils Foundation for microorganisms & worms growth (biological toilets, aquarium systems., etc) Other medical applications (combined with disinfection) Medium for plants
  8. 8. Plants Experiment on watering: from once a day to once a month
  9. 9. Alternativeapplications • Landscaping in hot and dry climatic conditions • Retains and slowly gives water and fertilizers • Substitute of soil for plants reproduction • Rooting of cuttings • Transportation of plants (for consecutive
  10. 10. Matt FilmCurrent Applications:• Archiving and long term storage of complexdrawings• High precision engineering(aviation)• Documentation incartography & land use
  11. 11. Effects Best in the world in terms of film deterioration Soft pencil, pen, carcasses, laser printer compatible Allows to print and transfer images Suitable for fast photocopying of large number of copiesProperties Absence of shrinkage – calculated time of 50 years, sample checked for 20 years Thin matt layer of polymer mix of 3-6 microns Transparent
  12. 12. DisinfectionsolutionCurrent Applications:• Protection of Russia borders againstAfrican Swine Fever• Animal farms disinfection(horses, cows, pigs, chickens etc)• Disinfection of meat and fishfactories• Current capacity: 500-600 tones a
  13. 13. Effects Highly efficient against viruses, microbes and fungus Current absence of microbe adaptation due to novelty & exclusivity of major component Does not harm plastics, fabrics Reduces metal corrosion Used as cure for animal skin and external diseases (rotten hooves)
  14. 14. Properties Easily diluted in water Highly economical concentrate (2 to 5 liters for 1 tone of water) Does not contain chlorine, formalin, peroxides Low toxicity, allowing disinfection with animals
  15. 15. Alternative applications Tested in construction to remove mold Tested as hospital disinfection Protection of labor wards against staphylococcus Removes bad smells (kills microbes) – waste Established pharmaceutical features of major component, which can be used for vaccine creation
  16. 16. Pharmacology Analysis and improvement of existing processes of API production Identification and synthesis of new biologically active substances Technology development for manufacturing needs Manufacturing of pharmaceutical components Creation of new chemical substances using computer generation program Bio screening Synthesis of building blocks in chemistry
  17. 17. Other research areas  Technology of honey making from topinambour tubers and chicory, which is suitable to diabetics. Taste and other qualities of honey preserved without allergic reaction present  Growth and processing of Steviya in Russia (Paraguay plant allowing to make sugar for diabetics)
  18. 18. Other research areas Method increasing petrol octane number Concrete plasticizers Participation in combined project with 2 partners from Germany and USA, developing fast and efficient process of industrial polymer coverage on metal, wood and cartoon surfaces, using the light
  19. 19. Termopaint Development of paints, changing their color with varying temperature, facilitating equipment testing, prevention of breakages (electric engines overheating) - note changes from pink to blue in word HOT 18.9 inside 60 inside 90.9 inside 18.9 outside 34 outside 58 outside
  20. 20. Nano-isolating materials Paint with termo-isolating characteristics (3 mm of paint Temperature in correspond to isolating capacity C of 10 cm of glass wool) 102 inside Used for coloring of tubes and chemistry equipment with 66 outside varying degrees of temperature usage Hot state: no heat loss, handling protection for people Cold state: absence of condensation on external walls Possibility to create termo- isolating plaster / stucco for use in harsh climate conditions
  21. 21. Interests Country with hot dry climatic conditions Possibility to set up local production Partnership for trade Establishment of connections in scientific and educational areas
  22. 22. Thank you!Technolog Co Ltd2, Mendeleev Sq., Building157, Pereslavl-Zalessky,Yaroslavl Region, 152025, RussiaTel/Fax: +7 48535 69585 +7 48535 69919E-mail: technologpz@gmail.comSkype: technologpzWebsite: