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Gla tix

  1. 1. 1 S T I N D O N E S I A N M O B I L E T I C K E T I N G S O L U T I O NGLATix
  2. 2. What is Mobile Ticketing?Juniper Research defines a mobile ticketing user as “someone who stores a ticket on theirmobile device for later redemption” at the point of travel, the music venue, the cinema etc.The purchase of the ticket does not need to have been initiated on the mobile phone and, morethan likely, the main point of purchase for mobile tickets is currently either online at aneCommerce website, via a telephone call centre or alternatively at a physical ticket outlet orkiosk.This market has generated a lot of interest from the mobile payment ecosystem recently, andthere is much activity with new services being announced very frequently worldwide.“Mobile ticketing is the process whereby consumers can order, pay for,obtain and validate tickets from any location and at any time usingmobile phones.”
  3. 3. Summary Juniper Research predicts the number of tickets delivered to mobilephones worldwide will more than 23 billion by 2016. Nielsens Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report, showed that 48% ofinternet users in Indonesia had used a mobile phone to access theinternet. NFC is being quickly adopted by the subway system in Japan and someEuropean mass transit systems, it is certainly the future of mobileticketing. Online ticketing business is growing up in Indonesia, but none ofthem provide m-ticketing (yet). Big guys :,,
  4. 4. Market Segment Mass Transportation Train, Airline, Bus, Busway, MRT Venue Booking Hotel, Meeting Room, Restaurant Event ticketing Concert, Seminar, Trade show, Sports, Party Entertainment Cinema, Amusement Park, Karaoke Consumer voucher distribution Disc. Voucher, Club Membership (Gym)
  5. 5. Solution for.. Huge budget to print tickets ? Reduced costs of ticket printing/mailing, environment friendly. Wasted time and energy for queing ? Quick and easy way to purchase event tickets, any time from anywhere. Quick admission into events, m-ticket scanned on entry – no paying cash at the door Illegal seller and fake ticket ? Privately generated ticket, more secure and reliable validation system Lost Ticket Low risk of loosing or forgetting tickets , as no-one leaves home without their mobilephone Costly ticket box and distribution ? Reduced infrastructure costs and no distribution costs. Reporting and analytics ? As well as ticket purchase reports, with customers activating their tickets and passeson mobile, rich data on ridership, efficiency and capacity can be revealed to helpoptimise your operations.
  6. 6. What Technologies Are Being Used ? SMS – a text message with either a redemption code or a link to abarcode is delivered to your phone. Barcode – once you purchase the ticket, you receive a barcode that’sdisplayed on your screen, which is scanned at the station. Applications – an iPhone, Blackberry or Android app that allows thesmart phone owners to purchase tickets. Contactless RFID and NFC – similar to “wave-and-pay” systemsthat many credit card companies have employed. These both require the phoneto have an actual chip in the phone.
  7. 7. How it Works ?
  8. 8. Drivers Convenience and User Demand Enhance Security & Fraud Reduction Enviromental Benefits (paperles ticket) Cross Selling (WP Plugin, Widget, etc) Smartphone User Growth
  9. 9. Constraints Handset & Reader Availability User Support and Tutorial Mobile Barcode Reading Issue NFR Compatible Mobile Poor User Experience Existing Ticket Infrastucture
  10. 10. Competition Existing Local Ticketing System (printed & online) Worldwide Mobile Ticketing system
  11. 11. Costumer Channel Event Related Sites Rajakarcis, Ibudibyo, Java Musikindo. Online Travel Sites Agoda, Eazytravel Cinema XXI, Blitz Transportation,, MRT, Jasa Marga Entertainment Karaoke, Amusement Park (Dufan, Trans Studio)
  12. 12. Contact MeTwitter: