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Kajang City Redevelopment (SIMCITY simulation)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Real Estate
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Kajang City Redevelopment (SIMCITY simulation)

  1. 1. URBAN RENEWAL : Kajang City
  2. 2. ISSUES IN KAJANG TOWN Non-friendly Environment Traffic Congestion Pollution
  3. 3. VISION • Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations. We want people to live in a clean, diverse and safe environment that welcome everyone.
  4. 4. MISSION • Our mission is to transform Kajang becomes a sustainable city in energy efficiency, industrial productivity, affordable and personalised healthcare and also intelligent infrastructure solutions. We will transform the town centre of Kajang to be a self reliance town.
  6. 6. TRANSPORTATION • The public transport used in Kajang are train, taxi and bus RapidKL. • To get the sustainable transportation and solve the traffic congestion, we have build subway and build the proper bus stop to the residents.
  8. 8. • 2 types of power supply that cause of air pollution • 2 types of power supply that conserve environment from pollution
  10. 10. • Existing hospital and medical clinic at each residential area
  11. 11. EDUCATIONAL ELEMENTS • SMJK Yu Hua (existing building) • City College (existing building) • Kolej New Era (existing building) • Private School
  12. 12. City College
  13. 13. SMJK Yu Hua
  14. 14. SAFETY ELEMENTS • Fire hazard – Large fire station (Balai Bomba Kajang) – Small fire stations • Crime – Large police station (Balai Polis Besar Kajang) – Small police stations
  15. 15. Balai Bomba Kajang
  16. 16. Balai Polis Besar Kajang
  17. 17. GREEN ELEMENTS • Park • Farm • Plantation along street • Plantation in every area (residential, commercial & industrial)
  18. 18. Taman Astakona
  19. 19. Flowers along street