Green chemistry shamna


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Green chemistry shamna

  2. 2. what is green chemistry? It is the utilization of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in design, manufacture and application of chemical products. It is also called sustainable chemistry which is a chemical philosophy encouraging design of products and processes that reduce or eliminate use of hazardous substances.
  3. 3. Principles of green chemistry1.Prevent waste.2.Design safer chemicals and products.3.Design less hazardous chemical syntheses.4.Use renewable feed stocks.5.Use catalysts non stoichiometric reagent.6.Avoid chemical derivatives.7.Minimize atom economy.8.Use safer solvents and reaction conditions.9.Increase energy efficiency.10.Design chemicals and products to degrade after use.11.Analyse in real time to prevent pollution.12.Minimize potentials for accidents.
  4. 4. Need for green drug Incidentsof mass death of used in cattles killed vultures. Side effects of certain drugs-decrease the ability to provide milk, renal failure. Effect food chain.
  5. 5. Advantages of green pharma practices Reduces ecological impact of drugs. It is less toxic. Reduced dosing frequency. It is environment friendly. Benefit millions of patients. Maximum usage of raw materials to produce active drugs.
  6. 6. Green chemistry in pharmaceutical industries our quality of life depend upon on products of pharmaceutical industries. ‘YIELD’-main concern of industries. Amount of waste produced in synthesizing and purifying drugs produced-secondary concern. In past decade pharma companies started designing green chemical drugs to reduce E-factor (measure of waste produced). For bulk chemicals - < 1.5 kg,For pharmaceutic-25-100kg
  7. 7. Green chemist perspective on pharmaceutical life cycle Petroleum based  Regulatory starting chemicals. materials to API. Bulk chemicals . Fine chemicals. Dosage form to patient .  API to dosage form. Patient to  Dosage form to packagedthe environment. product.
  8. 8. Achievements of green chemistry in pharmaceutical industries A drug slidenafil citrate (viagra) manufactured has very low E-factor about 6. In reveloutionary drug delivery methods-to deliver cutting edge drugs. In coating drugs-plastic design-patient need less no:of injections. In making polymers-biodegradable plastics from lactic acid-dissolvable stiches. Discovery of regio and enantiospecific microbial hydroxylation of progesterone to 11alpha –hydroxy progesterone.
  9. 9. Researches Development in making greener cymene which is currently sourced from petrochemicals. Development of pencillin antibiotics.
  10. 10. Perceived green chemistry of phRMA member companies Over 10,000 different drugs are sold in world wide today.1% ARE MADE BY PROCESS THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED ‘GREEN’. The graph shows the activity of phRMA companies.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION Green chemistry in pharmaceuticalindustries seems developing day by day. As ourpopulation is increasing year after year, amountof wastes produced will also increase, which willadversely effect our environment. With differentlife styles, there is a great chance of peoplesubjected to diseases. So our principles must bethe principle of green chemistry which in turnpromises as to make chemical industry cleanerand safer ,while producing better , purerproduct in process.