Slaugherhouse 90210 discussion


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Slaugherhouse 90210 discussion

  1. 1. Smith 1Chelsea SmithMorgan RichardsonENG 230-00717 November 2011 Slaughterhouse 90210 Project For my Slaughterhouse 90210 project I used four images that I thought related very wellto some of the quotes we read this year in class. I used three quotes from Sir Gawain and theGreen Knight, and one quote from The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. The first quote I used was, “A fearful form appeared, framed in the door: a mountain of aman, immeasurably high, a hulk of a human from head to hips,” (Armitage 29). This is from SirGawain and the Green Knight, and the first thing that came to my mind when reading the storywas The Hulk. When I would imagine the Green Knight in the story I pictured a hulk like figure.I went through the story and found the perfect quote that even described the Green Knight as ahulk. Also I found some other characteristics to be similar between the Green Knight and TheHulk. The Hulk became that way because of a scientific mishap, and whenever he was angeredhe would turn into this monster. The Green Knight is similar in this way because Morgan le Fayturned a man Bertilak de Hautdesert into the Green Knight to try and scare Guinevere inCamelot. They are similar because both are forced to be this monster that they did not want to be.They scare people that they did not intend to and were forced to be something that they are not. The next quote I used was also from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Sir Gawain said,“But no wonder if a fool should fall for a female and be wiped of his wits by womanly guile—It’s the way of the world,” (Armitage 181). I thought this quote was the perfect resemblance ofthe relationship between Allie and Noah in The Notebook. Gawain was talking about how
  2. 2. Smith 2women have a very powerful force over a man. Every time I think of The Notebook I think ofhow head over heels Noah was for Allie. She left an overwhelming sensation over Noah, she wasall he thought about, and even after she left he could only think about her. Sir Gawain would doanything for the Lady of the castle, just like Noah would do anything for Allie. The next quote I used was from the Green Knight talking about Sir Gawain, he said, “Itwas loyalty that you lacked: not because you’re wicked, or a womanizer, or worse, but you lovedyour own life; so I blame you less,” (Armitage 179). This relates directly to the character onGossip Girl named Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is the most conceited, obsessed with himself,womanizer on television. He really does love his own life more than anything and would doanything for everyone else to love him. Sir Gawain loved the attention of everyone around him,and was obsessed with himself. He was also known for getting with many women. This isexactly Chuck Bass. Chuck loves attention and is the epidemy of a womanizer. People know thisabout him and are still attracted to him and still think he is a cool guy, just like Sir Gawain, hecould do something bad, but still be loved for it. The last and final quote I used was from The Private Memoirs and Confessions of aJustified Sinner. It is from Robert and he is describing his life, he says, “My life has been a lifeof trouble and turmoil; of change and vicissitude; of anger and exultation; of sorrow and ofvengeance,” (Hogg 81). Gollum from Lord of the Rings reminds me exactly of this. Gollum waspossessed by the ring, and was so obsessed with getting back “the precious” that he was willingto kill for it. Robert was so obsessed with having a friend (even if it was the devil) that he wouldkill for him. Also Gollum did not have any friends, and when Frodo did try to befriend him,Gollum turned on him for the ring. Just like Robert turned on his own brother for the devil. I
  3. 3. Smith 3found it very interesting that the things we read, some ancient texts, could relate to the things thatentertain us today.
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