Front Cover                                                   Strapline                                                   ...
Front CoverMasthead:                                               Makeup:The masthead of VIBE magazine tends to          ...
Front Cover  Magazine logo to                             Fashion                                                         ...
Contents Heading/Title of page:                                                                                      House...
Double Page Spread                                Logo for             Caption of                                establish...
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How have you used Conventions in your Magazine?


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How have you used Conventions in your Magazine?

  3. 3. Front Cover Strapline Big, bold masthead Dominant use of left third Big hair Red, blue, grey, gold and black colours are used Bold Makeup Cover story in a different font to coverlines: bigger and bolder Jewellery Lack of Fashion Mid shot clothing image used
  4. 4. Front CoverMasthead: Makeup:The masthead of VIBE magazine tends to Generally the female cover artists wearbe black or red. It uses a serif font style quite a lot of makup- natural on the face Dominant left-third:which does not have decorative lines; it is along with bold eyes and sometimes bold Most RnB/Hip Hop magazines tend to have a good use of the left-third asquite plain and bold. This is a conventional lips too. My magazine uses the makeup the coverlines of higher interest to the target audience are placed here. Thiselement of RnB/Hip Hop magazines. This conventions of RnB/Hip Hop artists is because this is the side which is on show when placed along with otherrelates to my own masthead which is (heavy makeup; bold eyes and lips). magazines on a shelf in a shop. So, my magazine also has a good use of thebig, bold and black in colour. Also, I haveused serif font styles which is a left third as it is where the audience of the magazine looks immediately.conventional element of the RnB/ Hip Hop Type of shot:genre. The type of shot used for the cover image depends as it can range to long to close. However, I Cover story: found that it is mainly Usually the cover story is quite large conventional to use a mid shot so I compared to the other coverlines and decided to place a mid-shot on theStrapline: in a different font so that it stands out. cover to show conventionalMost issues of VIBE magazine have a strapline placed This is typical of the RnB/Hip Hop elements of the RnB/Hip Hopabove the masthead which appeals to the reader and genre of music. So, on the cover of my genre.therefore engages them. So, I decided to place a magazine the cover story is in astrapline above the masthead of my magazine also. larger, different font. Also, it is red inThis shows my magazine meets the conventional colour, as often the highest points ofelement of the RnB/Hip Hop genre. interest are red in colour. Housestyle: The main colours used in RnB Hairstyle: and Hip Hop magazines are Usually, RnB/Hip Hop artists have big and red and black which are Bling: volumised hair (sometimes with a traditional relevant to the genre. Other Cover artist on the cover and within the magazine bouffant to add volume). So, the artist on my colours are also used though. usually tend to wear a lot of jewellery which magazine cover tends to have pretty long hair However, the main colours on suggests their wealth. Also, this is conventional to which looks quite full due to the bouffant/quiff my front cover are red and the RnB/Hip Hop genre. The model in my magazine at the top. However, it is not as big as it could black along with grey, blue wears a thick bling watch as well as a gold chain have been. This shows it is partly conventional to and gold. around her neck to show conventional elements. the genre of RnB/Hip Hop.
  5. 5. Front Cover Magazine logo to Fashion Heading/Title of page is establish pages are of in serif font the same publication Black, red, blue and gold colours Box out to advertise have been used Concert tickets to be won. Headlines are in serif Pull quote from font- points of interest cover artist in serif such as artists names font are in red/blue Caption of image in serif font Advertisement for subscription Page number Long shot image Flesh showing
  6. 6. Contents Heading/Title of page: Housestyle: Usually a bold serif font in either black or Image: The conventional housestyle of a contents page is: white, black white is used. My title is partly conventional A long-shot or a mid-shot is conventionally and red along with shades of blue as seen in image 3. So my due to it being black in colour, however it used for the contents page. So, my magazine meets this convention due to it using a white uses sans serif font which means it is not magazine uses a long shot in order to meet background, black red and blue writing along with some gold. conventional. the conventions of the RnB/Hip Hop genre. Sex Appeal: Cover artists on the contents page of RnB/Hip Hop magazines tend to show sex appeal by wearing Pull Quote: a lack of clothing and Often, if a long-shot image has been used, a showing seductive facial Coverlines: gap around it is filled with a pull quote from expressions. So, my Normally the coverlines have standfirst the cover artist. My magazine shows this contents image meets the underneath explaining more about the convention because there is a pull quote on requirements by the model article. However my magazine doesn’t do this the left side. wearing very little clothing which means it is not conventional to its along with the model genre. Usually they are in sans serif font ‘pouting’ in order to give also, but mine is not. However usually a black across a sexual look. or white font as been used and I have mainly used a black font. Caption: Often captions are in sans serif font because it is a small amount of text. Often, bulk text is in serif Logo: font. However, my magazine uses serif font It is conventional for a RnB/Hip Hop magazine to haveHeadlines: because it is said that this style is more appealing a logo in order to establish which publication the pageIt is conventional for the ‘Feature’ and to the eye and therefore the audience actually belongs to. So, on my magazine I have a logo called‘Fashion’ headlines to be in a serif font tend to read it. Eventhough this statement is true ‘URBAN’ along with a music note just like Vibe uses awith decorative lines. So my magazine my magazine is not conventional to the RnB/Hip ‘V’. This shows my magazine is conventional to theuses serif font for these headlines. Hop genre as the caption is in serif. genre.
  7. 7. Double Page Spread Logo for Caption of establishment of image Headline Kicker publication continued in serif font Wide shot image Headline in sans serif font Logo for establishment of publicationLong shot Pull quotes inimage placed serif fonton left-sideCaption of image Caption of image Page number Mid shot of cover artists Body copy in serif font
  8. 8. Double Page Spread Layout: Generally the main image is on the left hand side and the body copy in serif font is Pull Quote: placed on the right which Often, pull quotes are in a bright and bold font in order are both conventional for them to stand out. This is conventional to the elements of the RnB/Hip RnB/Hip Hop genre. My magazine uses a bright red font Hop genre. The byline is in order for it to meet the genre conventions. This bright placed toward the right colour stands out on the white background. edge and the standfirst isHeadline:Usually they vary. But often, two types of font have placed underneath the titlebeen used. So I decided to use two different font Sex Appeal: which are also conventionalstyles for my own. I used sans serif for the bold part It is conventional for the cover to the genre. My magazineof the headline which will be eye catching and then artists within RnB/Hip Hop shows all of these elementsfor the other I used serif font style. magazines to wear as little therefore meaning it is clothing as possible and pull conventional to its genre. serious and seductive facial expressions. This appeals to the target audience as it draws them in. My double page spread is conventional to its genre because of the sex appeal shown through Body copy: the image. It is conventional for the body copy to be in a black serif font style. This is because it is supposedly easier to read bulk text in a serif font style and black stands out on a white page. It is also conventional for there to be a kicker at the beginning of the article. So according to this the article in my Housestyle: magazine (double page spread) has used serif font Usually the colours of red, blue and style which is black in colour. It also has a kicker at black have been used on the double the beginning. This means my article is conventional page spread. Black is used mainly for to the RnB/Hip Hop genre. the body copy and sometimes other Image: text and headlines. And then red and It is also conventional of the RnB/Hip Hop Image: blue is used for other text such as pull genre to have an image or a series of images It is conventional for the image relating to quotes or even for the clothes the cover placed along the top of the page in order to the double page spread article to be artist is wearing. So, my double page fill the gap. This inspired me to make mine placed on the left-hand side of the two spread is conventional to the genre similar to this. So, my double page spread is pages. So, in my magazine the main because it meets the housetyle/colour conventional to its genre because of the image relating to the double page spread schemes used. image placed along the top. is placed on the left-side.