Using LRS for LIS Students


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  • Welcome everyone! My name is Chelsea Jordan-Makely, and I am a Research Fellow at the Library Research Service, along with Julie Teglovic, who’s also with us this evening. We’ll be talking—primarily—about using First, though, we’ll explain a bit more about the Library Research Service, which is a division of the Colorado State Library, which is in turn a division of the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Every state has a state library, but they can be drastically different; most state libraries report on library usage, manage distribution of federal funds, and provide continuing education opportunities for librarians.
  • As far as we know, no other state libraries have a unit that is specifically dedicated to library research and housed within state library, but all states have a “data coordinator” to at least conduct the public library annual report.LRS has 4 full-time staff: Director, Research Analyst, Web Developer/Data coordinator, Administrative assistant; 3 research fellows. Last winter we also had an additional contract position to help with BTOP.In a nutshell, LRS collects, analyzes and report statistics on public, school, and academic libraries in CO, and also oversees projects.
  • We wanted to give you a little background on the Library Research Service, and now that we’ve done so, we can delve into our topic: How can LRS help MLIS students? I know that in the past year, has been my go to, my “secret weapon” when it comes to class assignments for classes such as Grant Writing, Research Methods in LIS, and Multicultural Issues in LIS, in which cases I had to justify the need for a proposed project. So, what Julie and I are going to do is to tour you around
  • Two ways to access Statistics & Profiles page. (demo)Show how to get to those pages. Show first Academic, link to NCES.Show Public second, pre-canned data, then interactive. Show data fields. Give example of Towaoc project.School libraries: Profile, annual statistics function much like public library interactive statistics.
  • For 16+ years, LRS, in cooperation with DU, has provided annual Research Fellowships. Currently, there are three fellows, and last winter there was an added position for the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program. Questions?
  • Using LRS for LIS Students

    1. 1. Library Research Service, Colorado State Library, and the Colorado Department of Education present . . .Using LRS.orgFor Students
    2. 2. The Library Research Service isa division of the State Library andColorado Department of Education
    3. 3. • Partnership between CSL and DU • Collect, analyze and report statistics on public, school, and academic libraries in CO • Annual and special projects – Surveys – Studies – Reports – ToolsLRS provides research & statistics aboutlibraries.
    4. 4. How can LRS help MLIS students?
    5. 5. Academic Libraries Statistics  Annual & Historical Public Libraries Statistics  Annual & Historical Statistics  Interactive School Libraries  School Library Profiles  Annual & National StatisticsLibrary Statistics &
    6. 6. { Reports
    7. 7. Fast Facts
    8. 8. { Closer Look { Big Facts & Quotable Facts  US Public Libraries and the Use of Web Technologies, 2010  The Impact of the Recession on Public Library Use in ColoradoCloser Look Studies, BigFacts, Quotable Facts
    9. 9.
    10. 10.  Service !/libraryjobline @libraryjoblineFriend & follow LRS & LibraryJobline!
    11. 11. “The knowledge and experiences I gained from LRS were important supplements to my education that I can’t imagine being without. LRS helped me to look beyond my textbooks and ask how I can contribute to my library community.” –2008 Research FellowResearch Fellowships
    12. 12. Please take a moment to respond to a very brief survey about this presentation: ?sid=209Thank you!