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Public Speaking


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Public Speaking

  1. 1. Public SpeakingChelsea Jordan-Makely, Julie Teglovic, Elizabeth Zoby
  2. 2. We speak for three reasons: 1. To inform; 2. To influence; and 3. To entertain.
  3. 3. Speech Anxiety
  4. 4. “The Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance ofthe Person Presenting”
  5. 5. Placeholder: Julie:Speaking tips
  6. 6. Telling a joke1. Choose a joke about a topic you can relate to.2. Determine your take on the topic.3. Examine the structure of the joke.4. Study successful comedians.5. Memorize your joke.6. Practice your joke.7. Know your audience.8. Tell your joke with confidence!
  7. 7. Table Topics Timed (2 minutes)! Friendly contest. “Think and speak on your feet” Sensible, worthwhile ideas Try humor Organize your thoughts Examples:  Give an opinion, and then justify it with two or three specific reasons.  State a problem and show its causes.  State a goal or problem and then tell what must be done to achieve the goal or solve the problem.
  8. 8. Elements of a good speech: • Organization • Content • Delivery • Enthusiasm • Appearance • Timing