Library as Harbor


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New Americans encounter numerous obstacles, the language barrier being but one. Finding employment and learning to use technology are also daunting challenges. The Denver Public Library (DPL) and the Emily Griffith Opportunity School (EGOS) Language and Learning Center are both uniquely positioned to assist Denver’s immigrant community in reaching their goals to live happy and productive lives. A program for ESL students at the EGOS Language and Learning Centeraims to show them how the library can help them to develop and practice the skills they are learning in a computer class, and also to support the EGOS faculty and curriculum. Because the students speak very limited English, evaluating whether the program is helpful to them poses a challenge.

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Library as Harbor

  1. 1. TheLibrary asHarbor
  2. 2. Reader, it is time for your tempest-tossed vessel to cometo port. What harbor can receive you more securely thana great library? Certainly there is one in the city fromwhich you set out and to which you have returned aftercircling the world from book to book. { Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, 1981
  3. 3. Denver Public Library andEmily Griffith Opportunity School
  4. 4. Community Technology Center (CTC)
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  6. 6. Source:• Library guide for ESL students• Library instruction for teachers• Easier registration for class visits and library cards• More collaboration with EGOS library• EvaluationComing soon . . .