Denver Public Library means business


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  • Attention library patrons!
  • We’re proud to announce that beginning in March 2011, the library will offer more programs tailored to entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers, government employees, non-profit organizations, and students than ever before.
  • Whether it’s a job interview, wedding toast, a eulogy, or a joke, everyone needs public speaking skills at some point in life. Learn how to be informative, persuasive, or funny in front of an audience, and find out how to conquer speech anxiety. We’ll also point you towards resources in the library and on the Internet to help you prepare for your next speaking engagement.
  • Do I have to accept my boss’s friend request? Is an email thank you acceptable? Can I ask for a LinkedIn recommendation? Learn the answers to these questions and more May 27th at the Bear Valley Branch library.
  • Where do good ideas come from? The library, for one! We’ll delve into brain storming and highlight websites and other resources that can help you to get your creative juices flowing. And let’s not overlook people power! Bounce your ideas off of community members at this inspiring presentation June 3.
  • Whether you’re job seeking, happily employed, or retired, giving back to the community has numerous rewards. Learn about these benefits, and about volunteer matchmaking organizations in Denver to find opportunities for yourself and your family or coworkers to share your talents to strengthen community at the local or global level.
  • Don’t forget about the regularly scheduled classes at the Community Technology Center! Access the calendar of job seeking, resume, Microsoft Office, and other free computer classes from the link at the bottom of our main page,
  • No matter what your business question, whether you’d like some help looking for a job or need help with a new gadget, DPL staff are always here to help you. (Don’t forget, you can even chat with a librarian after hours!)
  • Denver Public Library means business

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