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Milligan chelsie visual_resumestoryboard


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Milligan chelsie visual_resumestoryboard

  1. 1. MC ih le ll is gi ae nRagan, E. (Photographer). (2011). Cocoa beach. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from fbid=2662968847669&set=a.2662966327606.132951.1059392282&type=3
  2. 2. I’m fromthe lovely state ofMichigan Richardson, J. (Photographer). (2004). Mackinac bridge all lit up at dusk. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from 93114883@N00/122200480/lightbox/
  3. 3. Throughout high school, I worked as a Barista at Bearclaw Coffee Co.Bell, D. (Photographer). (2007). Cinnamon straw. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://
  4. 4. Western High School Class of 2009 Image belongs to Chelsie Milligan
  5. 5. I began studying at Central Michigan University in the Fall of 2009 Image: Cjh1452000:
  6. 6. When it came time to sign a major, CMU didn’t have anything to offer me so..
  7. 7. I transferred to Full Sail University in June 2011Image Ryry17354 :
  8. 8. Now I’m studying Music Business and following my dreams Patojo, E. (Photographer). (2006). Waiting. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://
  9. 9. Being at Full Sail has jump started my career..
  10. 10. In March of 2012, I did an A&R pitch with Atlantic Records Image Pino Presti :, B. (Photographer). (2010). The drifters - under the boardwalk. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://
  11. 11. In August of 2012, I started at SoundFire Entertainment as a Viral Marketing InternLeeson, E. (Photographer). (2010). The social media olympics. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
  12. 12. For my Business Law Class, I received the Course Directors Award Falkow, S. (Photographer). (2006). Gavel. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://
  13. 13. I alsoreceived the Course Directors Award for myProfessional Writing Class Osiatynska, N. (Photographer). (2009). Remember to thank all the books you havent read over the past three years. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
  14. 14. I enjoy working as part of a team Gady, A. (Photographer). (2012). Jumping silhouettes. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
  15. 15. But, I am also more thancapable of accomplishing solo tasks Xabier, M. (Photographer). (2006). I want to get lost. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from
  16. 16. I’m currently seeking new opportunities where I can show off my talents in.. Communication Publicity Writing Marketing iMovie Keynote
  17. 17. Please feel free to contactme through.. E m a i l chelsiemilligan@gmail.comT w i t t e r @chelsiemilligan i C h a t