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Presentation - Showhomes


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Presentation - Showhomes

  1. 1. homes that sit vacant are homes that don’t sell !
  3. 3. SOLD don’t be left out!!! AGENT / CLIENT LIST Brace Helgeson John Adams Gary Peterson Scott Lauderdale Bonnie Veile David Azbil Brad Smith Jack Cummings Tracy Smith Maryanne Grobe Greg Olson Dexter Andrews Mary DuToit Swanson Mark Parrish Bob Carlson Patrice Menard Cari Linn Erik Myhran Jerome Hertaus John Wichman Mary Restrepo Jon Jondahl Dan Ryan Tamara Dawes Kit and John Fuciles David Popehn Daniel Desyochers Craig Kanis Robert Hare Patti Oakes Jimmy Fogel Virginia Lord Kim Pease Susan Germani Brian Pouge Mike Rosolanka Sue Heldstab Melva Shonblom Chris Griggs Jill Adkins Steve Westmark
  4. 4. don’t be left out!!! SOLD AGENT / CLIENT LIST Jude Dugan- Olson Meg Meyers Patti Jo Herman Paul Pudlitzke Laurie Missy Vilett Brenda Dan Willette Gawikowski Ross Kaplan Schemo-Smith Mary Hardy John Kellogg Clark Carlson Deb Grimme Mike Esterley Mary Gores Mark Claessens Mary Gores Rich Gross Dave and Sue Barbara Frank Kathy Routh Deb Quirt Dahl Barbara Hoy Dave Anderson Kathy Edmondson David Wergin Daniel Oberpiller Jeff Mitchell Mickey BBorkin Mary Pream Ginni Anderson Patrick Howard Tim Buffham Kevin Ries Janie Hays Jan Rome Sue Busch Kim Ryan Lowell Johnson Robert Landis Kris Campbell tony Sablak Ruthann Holtez Kary Marge Cyntia Cortes Tony Sampair Bill Hottel Melanie Brooks Jim Duffy Mitzi Sinosy Dave Johnson Renee Wilson Peter Donovan Joel Songstad Kate Johnson Patti Eastman Mike Esterley Glenni Sprauge Kelly Stacy Melodee Brooks Chaz Field Mary Jo Stanger Debra Kastner Carol Nelson Susan Freeburg Jim Starr Robert Knutson Adam Duckwall Dyana Mark-Lewis Chub Troester Corey Kohnen Mary Hardy Toni Stenberg Jay Jasper Bettijo Norman Brad Palecek Laurie Gaikowski Hedi Wessner Evan Hermdson
  5. 5. Introducing Showhomes! Vacant Listings Matching furnishings human props and homes
  8. 8. We deliver! Home on market for 2.5 years vacant TIMBERWOLVES PLAYER’S HOME Partial stage for 6 - 9 months with a staging company. Homeowner was paying $2600.00 a month - NO SALE!!! Homeowner changed realtors - the realtor introduced SOLD in ONE WEEK - IN THIS MARKET!!
  9. 9. options - Showhomes • free consultation • one time set up fee • managed 12 hours a day • sale fee due at closing (with a home manager) • no monthly fees • lawncare - maintained (manager) • relieves temporary financial stress and other • utilities paid (manager) worries • lights, camera, action • full house designed
  10. 10. Showhomes • nationwide company for • top producer in the 23 years nation each year • franchise owner for 7 • Multiple design awards years each year • A full staff of designers, • We are with you all the stagers, Account way and offer a full Managers, home manager service coordinator
  11. 11. How we do it we design a home manager’s furnishings and their accessories into a vacant listing that is on the market for sale • fully designed and staged • once designed we - with or without a present the home at the home manager first realtors open house and feature a gourmet • It takes us no more than luncheon (our expense) five days to complete the look of a show home (unless furniture is being purchased) • we enforce a “no peeking” rule while designing
  12. 12. Who are our home managers? professional and executive level people with great furnishings singles, couples and families consist of the showhomes family LIGHTS, CAMERA, SHOW the home managers pay for all the utilities and maintain the home in a show to sell condition 7 days a week and for 12 hours a day For attorneys, this is a great option for your client(s) who may be looking for a lifestyle they once had - divorce, loss of home or income
  13. 13. how much does it cost? 3/4 of 1% (percent) of the list price at closing Set up fee (depends on how much the listing) on average $1500.00 and can also go to closing
  14. 14. Holly Jamie Karin Cindy Adam Sarah Nancy Laurie
  15. 15. We evoke all the senses when we design
  16. 16. the following slides will be presenting
  17. 17. Stage by design, llc Designs and stages homes utilizing pre-existing furnishings to create a visual impact for the buyer. A well-staged home dramatizes reality instead of reflecting it. The way you live in a home is different than the way you market a house. We make the transition from a “home” to a “house”. The word “house” does not evoke emotions, where “home” is very emotional and personal Whether your home is for sale or the homeowner wants to live in a well designed home for their own leisure Stage by design, llc can help.
  18. 18. Stage by design, llc will provide a complimentary consultation (a walk through of your client’s home). We later present a slide show of the client’s home and walk them through what we’d like to do. We would present options for the homeowner. Stage by design, llc would give a proposal of work to be completed - to include paint choices, carpet replacement, granite choices or any other design services we feel is necessary to either sell the home fast or get the impact we need for a fast sale or visual stimulation. At the end of our presentation we would give to your client a not to exceed bid price (of our services) that is usually 1/2 down and the rest due at the end of project, (usually 2-3 days). In our bid we include a full house staging, designing inside cabinetry, closets, cleaning and designing as we go through the home and room by room. We provide movers and maid service who work right along side of the designers - so when the designing is done your clients home is clean and ready for show. On a full house staging we do all the shopping for furniture, accessories and artwork (everything purchased is reimbursed by the homeowner at the completion of the project).
  19. 19. before
  20. 20. after
  21. 21. before
  22. 22. after
  23. 23. before
  24. 24. after
  25. 25. after
  26. 26. before
  27. 27. after
  28. 28. before
  29. 29. after
  30. 30. All interior photos in this video are compliments of Showhomes Minneapolis and Stage by Design, llc © 601 carlson parkway . suite 1050 . minnetonka . minnesota . 55305 612.226.8044 cellular 866.SHOWFAX 877,388.SHOW (7469)