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Uk Youth Of Today


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Uk Youth Of Today

  1. 1. UK Youth of Today Chelsey Emos down one end of the high street. Skaters pulling moves in front of the town hall. Trendies ignoring everyone else as they march towards a Saturday shopping spree.
  2. 2. Aspirant Mainstream Rahs and Trendies make up a significant proportion of the youth market, and their spending habits puts both Tribes in the most desirable demographic for marketers. Aspirant Mainstream kids will spend money to get the look, the music and the lifestyle they want – and the effect they are going for is expensive. Rahs and Trendies upset members of other Tribes with their, by turns, privilege and pulling power – but they are open-minded and willing to socialise and interact with anybody from Goths to DIYers. They are genuinely friendly and discerning, though Rahs tend to revert within their Tribe as they reach maturity. Aspirant Mainstream kids are major consumers. They’ll browse the rails at Topshop or American Apparel, but accessorise with genuine designer boots. Rahs are a Marmite tribe , loathed or loved in equal measure by people outside their clan, with similarly divisive icons like Peaches Geldoff. Rahs are easy to spot with their showy fashion and shouting and they tend to move in big clans, dipping into urban and indie scenes 19% definitely agreed that they go to ‘one music festival every year,’ which was slightly more than the average among 16 to 24s (15%) “ I talk about TV programmes with my friends” (41%), compared to an average of 34%
  3. 3. Mainstream Just turned teenager? Welcome to the Mainstream. Apart from those born into privilege or other exceptional circumstances, most youngsters start out as members of this group. The Townie and Chav subsets are among the most visible around Britain and entry requirements are low – if you like chart music, TV and a bit of a drink, you’re in. The Mainstream is the biggest part of the market, but with alternative/trendy lifestyles and music now much more accessible, the various Mainstream Tribes also lose much of their membership in later years. Those who remain tend to specialise into more aspirational subsets like Casuals, Boy Racers and Sports Junkies. The most effective way to market to Mainstream tribe members is through TV and radio. The internet is used for entertainment but increasingly for interaction as well. All subsets are also keen Youtube viewers. Casuals are the inheritors of the ladmag generation, keen on crisp sportswear, football and drinking. Townies are the regular kids seen hanging out on the high street – they regard themselves as normal, favouring popular music and fashion (they’re generally suspicious of Emos, Goths and anyone different). 34% of this segment definitely agree that they “love spending time with my family.” Having children is very important to this segment’s future (44%) compared to all 16 to 24s (39%) little interest in ‘seeing the world’ in the future Chavs are a brash subset, proud of their tacky fashion and anti-social behaviour Ravers are party-loving kids Boy Racers & Sports Junkies love cars and bass-driven music; they are web savvy and proud of their lifestyles. Both Tribes will cut out friends and habits that affect their dedication
  4. 4. Urban Urban music is the most influential genre in popular music, topping the charts around the world and sound-tracking the lives of many different Tribes. The Urban segment follows a typical pattern, with a small subset (the DIY-ers) who create and dictate tastes, and consumers who buy into the tribe and support that creativity in the shape of Blingers, Get Paid Crew and Trackies. Urban fashion and music extends into mainstream publishing and TV, but the core Tribe members are most influenced by what they see around them in their urban environments, in clubs and on social networks. YouTube, Myspace and Facebook are the most effective to these kids. doubly likely to get drunk at home compared with all 16 to 24s ‘ really enjoy sport’ more than any other group Trackies are enthusiasts who don’t produce but enjoy consuming music and film with their friends. Their hooded tops are intimidating but their conversation is friendly, open-minded and laid back. Blingers are preoccupied with US music and icons, and spend big on label fashion. Get Paid Crew are a brash version of the traditional working classes, unashamedly driven by money but proud of their urban background DIYers have identified the core of their lives, understanding their own culture and making music and media for themselves
  5. 5. Alternative Alternative brands that have achieved massive traction include Converse and Vans. All Tribes within the Alternative segment are passionate about music, and their friendship groups, tastes and activities are largely defined online They loved going to gigs more than most (47% definitely agreed compared with 29% of all 16 to 24s “ like to share music with my mates” more often than all other segments The best way to reach these kids is through niche magazines and social media. Possess an alternative taste in music and fashion Members of the Alternative tribes are vaguely rebellious but don’t yet have a specific focus to rally against. However, they are likely to conform with peers. Alternative Tribes are predominantly made up of white working and middle class kids
  6. 6. Leading Edge Leading Edge kids tend to be fairly grown up. It takes time, research and mentoring to grow into a true expert, though sharing this savvy with younger kids is a big part of the pleasure in being a Leading Edge tastemaker. Craft Kids are a small sub Tribe but very influential on fashion, food, creativity and more through the power of their blogs and ideas. They make stuff and share it, and their enthusiasm for recycling, knitwear and art makes them recognisable descendents of the once massive Hippy tribe. 25% ‘definitely agree’ that they “watch more TV on my computer these days.” This was higher than the 19% among all 16 to 24s 20% ‘definitely agreed’ that “heavy drinking is more harmful than taking drugs.” Among all 16 to 24s it was only 11% Hipsters like the newest and best in every section of music, media and fashion. Once they’ve signified their approval, they quickly move on. Possess an alternative taste in music and fashion Geeks are incredibly gifted and hard to impress, but generous with their time, skills and endorsement for anything that makes them laugh or cry. Leading Edge tribes are the smallest segment in the youth market. However, they drive taste across virtually all other sectors, impacting on the listening habits and fashions of everyone from rural teenage Emos to the stars of US hip hop. Indie Scenesters are fans of guitar music
  7. 7. My Target Audience In my opinion Jakatta American Dream suited Mainstream. Within this category I believe the niche audience of ‘Ravers’ within this group follow our genre of music. These are the young people who burn the candle at both ends and for who club culture is vital. Dominantly mainstream and located somewhere between trendies and townies. They like better-known clubs such as Fabric (London), Club So (Liverpool), Mission (Leeds), Pacha, big clubbing events such as Gatecrasher and other mainstream music festivals like Wireless and the V festival. Don’t believe the hype about dance music being dead – Ibiza is living proof that this group has still got the energy to party ‘til the early hours.