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SEO for Local Professionals


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ExpertHub's SEO for Local Professionals presentation provides details on how lawyers/attorneys, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, dentists and finance professionals can utilize the ExpertHub platform to increase their search engine exposure, build their online brand and generate new clients.

ExpertHub is a niche media network helping local professionals (legal, elective medical and finance) grow their online presence and generate new clients through our highly optimized network of websites.

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SEO for Local Professionals

  1. 1. ExpertHub Network SEO for Local Professionals September 2009 ©2009 ExpertHub
  2. 2. Agenda • What is the ExpertHub Network? • Using the ExpertHub Network for SEO • Case Studies ©2009 ExpertHub
  3. 3. ExpertHub Network • ~16,000 websites designed to help consumers connect with local professionals. • All traffic is organic, with 95% coming through search • Receive traffic from over 200,000 keywords each month 55 National Legal Websites including: 15 National Medical Websites including: 5 Financial Websites including: + 15,000 Regional Legal Websites including: + 500 Regional Medical Websites including: + 500 Regional Medical Websites including: ©2009 9/18/2009 ExpertHub © ExpertHub. All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. ExpertHub Organic Rankings Head Keywords Regional Keywords The homepages of ExpertHub’s national The homepages of ExpertHub’s regional sites and sites rank for high volume keywords. regional pages on our national sites rank for regional keywords. Examples include: • “divorce lawyer” Examples include: • “accident attorneys” • “utah divorce attorneys” • “immigration lawyer” • “immigration lawyers in california” • “criminal defense lawyer” • “michigan bankuptcy lawyers” • “disability lawyer” • “delaware family lawyers” • “personal injury lawyer” • “estate planning attorneys new jersey “ • “estate planning attorney” • “adoption lawyers new york” • “plastic surgeons” • “plastic surgeons in houston” • “chiropractors” ©2009 ExpertHub
  5. 5. ExpertHub Organic Rankings (con’t) Reference Keywords “Name” Keywords Profile pages for every member of the Reference articles (either written by ExpertHub network rank for searches ExpertHub or by local professionals) rank for referential keywords. related to the firm’s name. Examples include: Examples include: • “lawrence gruner” • ‘filing bankruptcy” • “sherman law group” • “tummy tuck” • “jeffrey binder” • “perjury penalty” • “michael streitman” • “inheritance without a will” • “alimony laws” • “dentist dr guy peabody” • “zicam side effects” • “i-129” ©2009 ExpertHub
  6. 6. Using the ExpertHub Profile to Improve SEO Rankings • Every ExpertHub local professional is given a profile page to promote their practice. • The subscriber can upload photos, bios, video and a description of their practice. • All relevant sites in the ExpertHub Network promote the directory, allowing the profile to accumulate PR and search positions. • Links with customizable anchor text can be included, passing the PR to the local professional’s site (or specific pages on the site) for the keywords that the professional is targeting. ©2009 ExpertHub
  7. 7. Contributing Content to Improve SEO Rankings • ExpertHub local professionals can contribute information relevant to their practice, expertise or the type of client they are looking for. • These articles are published on a high PR, highly relevant domain, to maximize the accumulation of PR (i.e. divorce articles are published on • The local professional can insert relevant links to their site with customizable anchor text. ©2009 ExpertHub
  8. 8. Promoting Contributed Articles in the Network Home Pages Category Pages Search Pages Recently published articles are Contributed articles receive a ExpertHub’s search platform promoted on the homepages of permanent link on the category creates keyword specific pages for the national sites, allowing these pages appropriate for the article. tens of thousands of endemic articles to index faster and keywords. Contributed articles are generate exposure for the displayed in the search results. contributor. ©2009 ExpertHub
  9. 9. Profile Page SEO Success Stories Profile URL Page Monthly Rank Traffic Sherman Law Group 2 225 Lowenthal & Abrams 3 560 Howard Jaffe, Attorney at 2 125 Law White Flood Trial Attorneys 3 145 Law Office of Nicholas H. 3 320 Walsh Law Offices of JD Haas 3 135 The Law Offices of Evan D. 2 175 Frankel, P.A. pa Mesriani and Associates 1 400 professional-law-corporation ©2009 ExpertHub
  10. 10. Contributed Articles SEO Success Stories Profile URL Page Rank Monthly Traffic True Costs of a DUI Charge 2 225 of-a-dui-case/costs-dui-charge.htm Why do so many injury lawyers suggest 3 120 increasing your UM/UIM insurance accident/uim-coverage-limits.htm limits? Obtaining Naturalized U.S. Citizenship 4 1,400 citizenship/obtaining-naturalized-us-citizenshi Bribe Foreign Officials: Break the Law 2 70 officials-break-law.htm Modifying Child Support 2 275 support/modifying-child-support-payments.htm Beating a Speeding Ticket in Court: 2 340 How a Lawyer Does It tickets/cross-examine-officer-speeding-ticket.htm ©2009 ExpertHub
  11. 11. Buying Listings for Local Professionals Standard Listing Premium Listing • Listing in directory • More Leads – Listed for relevant practice areas in – Get leads throughout all geographies your city you serve through our “contact a • Online Profile professional” forms • Unlimited Article Publishing • Premium Positioning and Exposure – Adjacency to all content in • Consumer Contacts “Professionals Near You” unit – Consumers can contact through profile or articles • ROI-Driven Pricing – Monthly subscription fee based on • Flat Fee historical volume – $300/year – ExpertHub sales rep can provide quote – $175/6 months directly to client – SEO Professionals can buy on behalf of their client or client can pay directly ©2009 ExpertHub