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Nine Frame Analysis updated


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For my Media As coursework

Published in: Education
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Nine Frame Analysis updated

  1. 1. This is the first shot in which we see a character; although we can only see part of their arm and hip. From this shot we can see that this character dresses rather unusual, they are wearing a grey shirt tucked into blue jeans with red suspenders; which suggests that this character is quirky. This shot also includes the title of the film ‘Isn’t That Illegal?’ This is the production company logo. I chose this frame because it allows the audience to know who has produced the film. I chose this shot because this is the first time we see Jason’s face, we can establish that he is an unusual character. We can see his facial expression clearly as it is a mid close-up. This shot shows the vanity of Nalika, which can be compared to Jacob’s. Again this is a low angle shot so that we look up at her; which is what she expects people to do. This shot is the first time that we see Jacob, this is a low angle shot which connotes that Jacob is a high status character and that he looks down on people. This shot shows the personality of Jacob, he is a vain character, seemingly more caring towards his looks than to his friends. This is a shot of the pregnancy test that Georgia has, the way that she is holding it connotes that she is unsure whether to use it because she keeps it in her hands, it also leaves the audience wondering if she takes it after the opening sequence has finished. This is a shot of Jason preparing to leave, his costume is similar to rambling gear; the hat and the waterproof mac/trench coat. His costume shows that he is prepared for the worst; which foreshadows later events in the film. The shot is an over the shoulder shot so that we can see Jason’s costume and room without having to move the camera. This picture is of Jacob throwing his phone away in annoyance as Jason calls him, this shows their relationship and shows that Jacob doesn’t like Jason.