Affording Study Abroad


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Concerned about funding your abroad experience? Learn about external scholarships, using your Brandeis financial aid, and budget techniques!

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  • Today we are going to cover many of the financial aspects of studying abroad, first with how paying for study abroad works, then discussing which of your financial aid is transferrable abroad and finally figuring out if the program you want is affordable
  • Tuition go towards abroad program tuitionOff campus fee covers the transfer of credits, transcripts, and maintains your “enrolled” status at BrandeisCISI only needed if your program doesn’t already automatically enroll you in a comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance coverageQSHIP dependent on your personal insurance
  • Affording Study Abroad

    1. 1. Affording Study AbroadUsing your resources to determine if studying abroad is feasible for your financial situation
    2. 2. Who Do I Pay?1. Brandeis2. Study Abroad Program Charges3. Personal Fees Accrued
    3. 3. Paying Brandeis Brandeis University Tuition  $21,148/semester (‘12-13 fee, subject to change next year) Off- Campus Study Fee  $400/semester International Sickness and Accident Insurance  $36/month, contingent on program coverage Brandeis University Qualifying Student Health Insurance  Varies, contingent on personal coverage
    4. 4. Paying Abroad Program  Program Deposit  Some programs have an additional confirmation fee, for example CIEE is $300 PLUS the program fee  Room & Board  Some programs also have a housing deposit
    5. 5. Personal Fees Accrued• Flights• Books• Visa, Entry & Exit, Passport Fees• Local Transportation• Communications (cell phone, phone cards, etc.)• Miscellaneous/ Spending Money
    6. 6. What Financial Aid Can I Bring? (Scholarships)• If meets all requirements: • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) • Federal Pell Grant • State Scholarships • Mass. Gilbert Grants • Faculty and Staff Tuition Remission
    7. 7. What Financial Aid Can I Bring? (Institutional Scholarships) Institutional Scholarships/Grants  Ex. Alumni & Friends Scholarship, etc.  Institutional Aid can only be transferable in full if the aid does not exceed the Brandeis bill for that semester and/or the cost of the abroad program is more than or equal to a semester at Brandeis  If you’re an international student please come in and speak with a counselor
    8. 8. What Financial Aid Can I Bring? (Loans)Most loans if fulfills federal or private companyrequirements: Federal Direct Stafford Loans Federal Perkins Loans Brandeis Loans and Saval Loans Federal Direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) Other Parent and Student Private Loans (ex. MEFA)
    9. 9. What Financial AidCannot Come With Me?  Malkin Scholarship  Slifka Schoarship  Full Wien Scholarship  Federal Work Study and University Employment
    10. 10. Can I Afford My Program? Filling out the budget  Instructional video will worksheet can help you show you how, this will be estimate costs posted on Study Abroad website along with this Keep in mind your financial powerpoint aid, the program’s costs, and Brandeis tuition may change next year
    11. 11. Where Can I Find Additional Funds? Scholarships for Brandeis  Program specific Students scholarships  Sachar Scholarships  Merit-based or need- based  Need-based  Student specific  Due in early March  Destination specific  Apply online or fill out application in Usdan 127  Program specific  Subject specific  National and International Scholarships…
    12. 12. Scholarship Name Amount and Criteria Application Due Date Where to applyBenjamin A. Gilman $5,000 + additional $3,000 Early October for spring Scholarship for study of a critical programs and early MarchProgram language for all other programsBridging Scholarships for Assistance with exspenses Early October in Japan incured during Japan study d/atj/bridging/ abroad mlDepartment of State Critical Assistance with programs Application deadline for the Scholarship stusying critical languages summer is Mid-November home.php including: Arabic, Chinese, Indic (Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu), Korean, Persian, Russian and TurkishFreeman-ASIA Program Up to $5,00/semester, Early October for Spring, $7,000/year, or Mid-February for Summer reeman-ASIA $3,000/summer for students and Early April for Fall or studying abroad in East or year long programs Southeast AsiaFund for Education Abroad Up to $1,000 for students Mid-January http://www.fundforeducationa going abroad ships/German Academic Exchange Supports students interested Late January DAAD in doing research or an 20 internship in Germany for a 4-10 month periodMASA Grants $2,000 for Jewish undergraduates studying in IsraelNSEP Boren Award For study outside Western Mid-February Europe, up to $10,000/semester and $20,000/year
    13. 13. Questions?
    14. 14. Enjoy Abroad!Email: gkatz10@brandeis.eduTo make an appointment call theOffice of Student FinancialServices at 781-736-3700 or emailat sfs@brandeis.eduFeel free to contact me or make anappointment with any questionsyou may have!