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Analysis of advert


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Analysis of advert

  1. 1. Analysis of advertThe flowers the model is holding can have feminine connotations of pure and grace which may link back to the perfume, persuading the audience to buy the product if they are girly and want to gain perfection. The image of the ribbon can also give us an iconic representation of fashion and attractiveness, signifying what the bow on the perfume bottle initially means. The fact that the model is hardly wearing any clothing, can make the advert quite seductive and sexualised. She is also wearing natural make-up to emphasise natural beauty rather than glamorous and over the top style. Females are normally associated with beauty so this is normal to see in any type of advert.
  2. 2. The image of the heart indicates love and could also link to females as this particular object is normally associated with females. Yet the location of the image could portray freedom (as it is on the beach and is outside in a wide space). As this has been created by someone it could highlight creativity and originality. The natural colours could also indicate purity and natural beauty.