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  1. 1. Unit Plan- Geography of the EarthDay 1 – The World on the MapA- Analyze LearnerLearners General CharacteristicsThis lesson and unit is for third grade students in anElementary comprehensive classroom setting. Students arebetween 8 and 9 years of age. None of the students have severelearning disabilities however some suffer from mild ADHD. Theclassroom is not racially or socially diverse as that all of thestudents are Caucasian. Most of them are from white middleclass families in a very rural area. Generally, the class is wellbehaved with the exception of about 4 students.Entry CompetenciesStudents possess basic computer skills and can easilyaccess and surf the Internet.Students are previously familiar with a basic Photoshoptype program, such as paint.Learner StylesStudents dislike reading from textbooks and do notperform well on paper and pencil assessments. They prefer towork in groups as a team as opposed to alone.
  2. 2. S- State ObjectivesLearner OutcomesStudents will listen to a short lecture about the world map.Students will participate in a small discussion about thecontinents and seas.Students will locate the continents and seas on the world map.Students will place the continents on the map using computersoftware.Students will complete these objectives in the schoolscomputer lab. Students will complete the above objectives at100% accuracy by the end of the day’s lesson.S- Select Methods, Media, and MaterialsUsing Microsoft PowerPoint, the teacher will create aposter of the world map to use for a brief lecture andintroduction to the lesson. The map will serve as a guide for thelecture.The use of the computer lab’s computers is necessary forthis lesson. The use of a QR code will lead the students tointeractive world maps they will play with to learn thegeography of the world.The computers will also be used for the students to editand label a world map in a paint document. Students will beable to use the poster as a guide.
  3. 3. U- Utilize Media and MaterialsPrepare the Materials- The teacher will place the poster in thecomputer lab on the board, make sure the QR code is pre-loadedon all computers, and that a black and white map of the world isopened in paint.Show the students the world map poster. Theteacher will then give a brief lecture on where thecontinents are located on the map.Students will then access the QR code that is pre-loaded on their computers in the lab and access theinteractive map website.Students will then color in the map on paint that isalready opened for them.R- Require Learner ParticipationThe teacher will ask questions all throughout the lesson.Such as “What hemisphere is North America located in?” or“What continent is the USA in?”Encourage students to help other students who arehaving difficulty with the assignment or the software.E- Evaluate and ReviseEvaluateStudents will be evaluated on their performance by thecorrectness of their maps and how well they participate in thegroup discussion.
  4. 4. ReviseThe teacher will ask the students what their most andleast favorite parts of the assignment were so the teacher canbuild the lesson for future students.