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Questionnaire Results


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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Questionnaire results<br />
  2. 2. Question 1. <br />The results on this are pretty basic, I asked 30 people, 15 were male and 15 were female. I did this so I see the difference in male and female tastes.<br />
  3. 3. Question 2.<br />For this one I wanted to make sure that I was getting information from across my target audience age group. I did this by asking 6 people from each age in my target audience. <br />
  4. 4. Question 3.<br />In this question I wanted to find out where my target audience watched music videos. The highest answer being youtube. This shows that to make my video popular with my target audience it has to be available on youtube. <br />
  5. 5. Question 4.<br />In this question I wanted to find out what my  target audience want when see a music video. From my results I can see that my  target audience want to be entertain or to find the video interesting. The other answer that I also got from this question was they want the video to encourage them to buy the album/single. <br />
  6. 6. Question 5. <br />This question was just for me to find out how often my  target audience  watch music videos. From the answers I can say that my  target audience watch music videos all the time, the most popular answer being daily. <br />
  7. 7. Question 6<br />From my  target audience research I want to be able to make the best video possible, that is suited to my  target audience. I now know that my  target audience's favourite type of music video is a conceptual one as they like interpreted music videos. <br />
  8. 8. Question 7. <br />I this question I wanted to find out how many of my target audience read magazines. I can now say that 83% of them do. This will help me as I can now see that a lot of my target audience do read magazine and would therefore see a magazine advert for my artist.<br />
  9. 9. Question 8. <br />I this question I wanted to find out what type of magazine was most popular with my target audience, i can now use this information to decide which magazine would be best for my advert to go in. The most popular being a music magazine.<br />
  10. 10. Question 9. <br />This question was to help me get an idea of how much people spend on their magazines. This will help me know what type of magazine to put my advert in. so that it is best suited for my target audience. <br />
  11. 11. Question 10. <br />This question was also to help me know where to sell the magazines from to best suit my target audience. So that they will see my advert and this will increase popularity of my artist. <br />
  12. 12. Question 11. <br />This question is to help me know what it is about a magazine that attracts my target audience to the magazine.<br />
  13. 13. Question 12. <br />I wanted to find out weather or not my target audience buy a magazine because of what the cover looks like or because they like the magazine. <br />
  14. 14. Question 13. <br />For this question the information that I wanted to know was how often my target audience buys a magazine. In the case of my target audience the most popular answer was that a magazine is bought monthly. Closely followed by weekly.<br />
  15. 15. Question 14.<br /> I this question the results that i wanted to find out was weather or not my target audience buy Digipaks. The result I got was what I expected which was that all of my target audience buy Digipaks. <br />
  16. 16. Question 15.<br />For this question I wanted to find out where my artist would sell more Digipaks, the answer that I got was that my target audience buy most of their Digipaks via downloads, which was the most popular answer closely followed by buying in shops. <br />
  17. 17. Question 16.<br />In this question the information that I wanted to find out was how often my target audience brought Digipaks. The results that i got were as I expected. Monthly being the most popular. I expected this because most of my target audience get paid monthly.<br />
  18. 18. Question 17.<br />For this question I wanted to know if what the Digipak looked like affected the sale of it. The answer that I got was yes, with 83% of the votes.  <br />
  19. 19. Question 18.<br />For this question I wanted to know what it was about the Digipak that influenced my target audience to buy the Digipak. A percentage of 63 said it was who's Digipak it was meaning artist/band. Which was closely followed by how good the Digipak looks.<br />
  20. 20. Question 19.<br />I wanted to know what it was that draws my target audience in when they see a Digipak. The results I got were 53% with the band./artist and 47% with if the front cover looks interesting.  <br />
  21. 21. Question 20.<br />The answers to this question are very vague but I think that my target audience mean that what is in a generic Digipak is what they expect to be in all. <br />
  22. 22. Question 21.<br />This question is just for me see she how up market my Digipak needs to be. The results were as followed 47% would pay £8:00 for a Digipak.<br />