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The Future of Local SEO | Tips & Tricks for Future Proofing - #DistilledLive -


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What can you do to make a local business rank higher in Google? Google Places is pulling together a multitude of elements like map data, business directory listings, reviews from sites like TripAdvisor, Qype, OurLocal, and more. Be sure to entice local influencers for your geographical niche and industry, and become an expert in your neighborhood. Leave no building/car park/shipping depot unturned - list all of them in Google Maps and proudly display at least 5 quality images with Exif geocoding data of each location. And for the record, each council decides the centre of their towns and cities, the Ordnance Surveys has no say.

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The Future of Local SEO | Tips & Tricks for Future Proofing - #DistilledLive -

  1. 1. Local SEO in 2013 Tips & Insights Chelsea Blacker UK.BLUEGLASS.COM @ChelseaBlacker
  2. 2. Chelsea
  3. 3. Local in 2013 Mobile + Maps & Listings + Review Sites +On Site Optimisation + Outreach
  4. 4. Mobile in 2013
  5. 5. Geospatial Industry & Geographic Information SystemsSource:
  6. 6. Local IntentFocus on local intent to rank post-Venice Update of February 2012
  7. 7. • “1 in 3 searches are local” says Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist at Google• 53% of smart phones users access a search engine on their phone each day• 59% of users visit a local store after searching for it on the mobile web.• 2013 more people will access the web through a mobile device than through a computerSource:
  8. 8. Maps & Listings
  9. 9. Q: Where is the center?A: Each council decides
  10. 10. Business Directory DataSearch Engine Source 1 Source 2Google Thomson LocalYahoo Infoserve Smart ViewBing Live Local Yellow Pages Listings
  11. 11. Apple Maps
  12. 12. Google Maps
  13. 13. Source: Image by @davidmihm
  14. 14. Review Sites
  15. 15. Ask “why are those ranking?”
  16. 16. Who is reviewing you? x2 x3 x86
  17. 17. Power Reviewers are Gold
  18. 18. Always Nerespond tonegativereviews
  19. 19. Encourage customersvia social media login Qype
  20. 20. Seek out other influencers
  21. 21. Discover Influential Reviewers “title=”Elite 2013″” london @chiropractic
  22. 22. Discover Influential Reviewers
  23. 23. Discover Influential Reviewers:
  24. 24. Content: On Site
  25. 25. Create 1 Unique Landing Page for every address
  26. 26. Utilise Rich Snippets• Use the Local business code from•• Rich snippet reviews • Via Yelp •
  27. 27. 5 Quality Images Per Location• Hire a photographer to take 5 high quality images and make sure each image is geocoded!• Exif Data - Exchangable image file format – this data is embeded into the JPEG file and plugs in the coordinates• Geocoding – adding geographical data to any digital photograph• Edit Geo Exif Data:
  28. 28. Upload a Geo SitemapTool:
  29. 29. Content:Off Site
  30. 30. Google+ Page
  31. 31. Reclaim Old Listings• Search for your old address• Create listings for everything under your control • Car park • Storage facility • Shipping Depot • Industrial Estates • At home offices
  32. 32. Start Advertising on AdWords
  33. 33. Content:Outreach
  34. 34. Understand the Local Digital CommunitySearch Queries:• allinurl: brixton blog• intitle:brixton inurl:blog• inurl:brixton intext:restaurant
  35. 35. Report to Local News SourcesContent
  36. 36. Host a Digital Eventx
  37. 37. Become a local authority with
  38. 38. Archives: Become a local authority with History Pin
  39. 39. Becoming a local authority with PlaceopediaConnect wikipedia articles with locations
  40. 40. Become a Local Radio Sponsorx
  41. 41. Build Local links with job listings• Create job pages for individual locations *this URL is fake
  42. 42. 2013 Summary Tips
  43. 43. 1. Local Power Reviewers & Authors are to be very influential2. Connect with local neighborhood influencers like radio, blogs, and job sites3. Create quality content about your physical address and share it via maps, Wikipedia, digital archives, blogs, hobbyist & enthusiasts websites.4. Professional quality images with geo-tagged data is a must5. The basic on site principles still apply; rich snippets, one page per location, and a KML sitemap
  44. 44. Chelsea