Authorship to Authority: Defining Your Digital Profile


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How will your digital profile appear to others after your death? Will future generations of your family search your messages to establish what type of person you were? Your digital fingerprint is permanent and cannot be ignored at the risk of others representing you inaccurately - so get online and claim your profiles!

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  • Digital fingerprints are permanent, and the longer we wait to claim your space the more risk you run of not being accurately represented in the digital world.  CLAIMING AND SECURINGWhy would anyone fight their digital influence by remaining passive?
  • A healthy tie with the deceasedSocial media ettequite around deathA family member or close friend may choose to report a death to Facebook. Upon receipt of proof of death, such as a death certificate or local obituary, Facebook will switch the dead user's timeline to a "memorial page."A close family member may petition Facebook to deactivate a dead user's account.Users may gain access to a dead user's profile in one of two ways: either through knowledge of the dead user's password, a practice against Facebook's terms of service, or through a court subpoena. However, per Facebook's privacy policy and strict state law, courts rarely grant outside access to said social data. More on that later.
  • Digital legacy managementMy Wonderful Life – sends emails to friends after your deathIf I Die– facebook app releases a video you record after your death, choose trusties,
  • Check out your history of favourited videos – I found some strange ones I don’t want people to know I like vinyasa yoga videos
  • People are too quik to judge bad reviews and use it as a tool to complain
  • Authorship to Authority: Defining Your Digital Profile

    1. 1. Why Claiming Your Identity Matters- SMX London -Chelsea BlackerBLUEGLASS.CO.UK@ChelseaBlacker
    2. 2. Digital Identity
    3. 3. 2076What will my digitalprofile look like?
    4. 4. Tools to Update Profiles
    5. 5. Check Social ProfileAvailability
    6. 6. Acquire Profiles
    7. 7. Lesson LearnedLessons Learned
    8. 8. 1. Consistent Name
    9. 9. 2. Appropriate Avatars
    10. 10. 3. Update Key Information
    11. 11. 4. Some Aspects of My Digital Profile Are Cringe
    12. 12. How have I updatedmy profile?How I’ve Updated MyProfile
    13. 13. YouTube
    14. 14. How have I updatedmy profile?
    15. 15. Positive Reviews
    16. 16. Utilising Rel=author
    17. 17. Keep personal sites up to date.
    18. 18. Chelsea @CHELSEABLACKER