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12 Actionable Tips To Become The Content Authority In Your Niche


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BrightonSEO presentation from Sept 2015 on how to best use content marketing to stand out from the crowd!

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12 Actionable Tips To Become The Content Authority In Your Niche

  2. 2. 2WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH Common Challenge Great Content + Good Promotion = Average Results Good Content + Great Promotion = Average Results
  3. 3. 3WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH The sweet spot is… Great Content + Great Promotion = Incredible Results! - Larry Kim
  4. 4. 4WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH To Have Outstanding Content Results All Parts Need to Work Equally Well Strategy Production Promotion
  5. 5. 5WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 12 Steps to Content Success…
  6. 6. 6WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 1. Establish your Content’s Purpose & Clearly Define Your Goals Start with WHY ● Develop your content’s statement of purpose ● Establish your customer and audience personas ● Keep them engaged so that they can become a future customer ● How can you add value to people, even if they may never buy your product?
  7. 7. 7WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 2. Research the Best Content in Your Industry to Find What Resonates Do your research using tools Including: • Buzzsumo • Trendhunter • Quora • Answer the Public
  8. 8. 8WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 3. Surround Yourself in the Best Environment to Come Up with Ideas ● Where do you have the best ideas? ○ In the office ○ At a laptop ○ Under pressure ● Try thinking differently: ○ Go for a walk ○ Prepare for group brainstorms by working in pairs ○ Use your phone/apps like Evernote or Google Docs to keep track of all of your ideas ○ Remove the fear of failure (yesterday’s bad idea, could be a good idea with a new angle today)
  9. 9. 9WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 4. Create a Editorial Calendar 1. Bring different members of the content production process together including a. PR b. Web Devolpment c. SEO d. Marketing/offline/branding 2. Each Month of the Plan Should Include a. State of Mind of Target Market b. Major Events c. Brand Milestones & Activities d. Type of content (Each post-it note colour is a separate content medium including video, social media, press releases, blog posts, etc.)
  10. 10. 10WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 5. Clearly define the end goal for your content & work backwards ● Visualise what success looks like: ○ Social shares ○ Authority links ○ Targeted traffic
  11. 11. 11WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 6. Think big and craft your content to your top target publisher 1. Be prepared to give publishers an exclusive 2. Help promote the content on their domain – outreach, social media, paid social/content distribution budget 3. Encourage publishers to share via their social networks and email lists
  12. 12. 12WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 7. Line up additional outreach & stories based around your main campaign
  13. 13. 13WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 8. Have the right hook to make your content sharable ●Ask yourself, “Why would anyone want to share this content?” ●To generate sharable content like quizzes, match people to items they associate with in the press, idolize, or interact with in daily life. ●Most social content shares come from Facebook – focus on the most important channels
  14. 14. 14WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 9. Use outstanding photography to stand out from the crowd ●Articles with images get 94% more total views ●Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets ●Facebook brand pages with photos see 87% of interactions
  15. 15. 15WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 10. Use outreach tools to leverage more coverage from your content
  16. 16. 16WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 11. Find who else has shared your content without linking ● Use Google image search to check if your images and infographics have been used on other sites without a link back to your site. ● Establish the referral links to your publisher and check if they’ve referred to your brand as the source of the content.
  17. 17. 17WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 12. Test, Measure and Learn ● Test – Define and track key metrics in campaign reports ● Measure - Reflect on how the process could be improved for your next campaign ● Learn – Make every new campaign your best one yet by applying key past learning’s
  18. 18. 18WWW.BLUEGLASS.CH 1. Great production & great promotion, backed by strategy, are required to deliver incredible results 2. Start with “Why?” and establish your content’s purpose to your target audience, then ask “Will anyone really want to share this?” 3. Develop an editorial calendar, complete relevant research, and craft content in partnership with top publishers to get the best results. 4. Invest in building an audience - your biggest marketing weapon should always be the publish button! Summary
  19. 19. We would love to help you with your content marketing strategy. BlueGlass 45 Leather Lane London EC1N 7TJ 020 7242 0142 @blueglass @ChelseaBlacker