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Risk assessment


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Published in: Education
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Risk assessment

  1. 1. <ul><li>Hazard Who is at Risk ?ControlsFurther Action NeededLevel of RiskInterform1Injury to studentStudentGet them down to SSO as soon as possible.First Aid kit Parents contacted or hospital in mind.High2DehydratedStudentHave water Low3Student misbehaviourStaff and studentsWarning systemTeachers supervisingSent out and not allowed to take part.Medium4Crowd of peopleStudents and staffTeachers on hand to help.Get everyone sorted in to groups.Medium5Terrorist attackAllCall the policeThe Army High6Injury to staff StaffCall SLTMedically trained staff to dance studioMedium7Equipment failureAllCall caretakers to bring more or fix.Have back up equipmentMediumStall1Over crowdingAllCall SLTTeachers supervisingLow2Injury to staff supervising TeacherCall SLTMedic contacted Low3Board fallsAllHave it well supported.Medic SLTHigh4Bad WeatherAllCheck the weather.Have stall under coverMediumFilming1Bad weatherC&M TeamCheck the weather.Wear coatsMedium2Camera failC&M TeamHave two cameras.High</li></ul>Risk Assessment<br />