Minutes of meetings


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Minutes of meetings

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Thursday 21st October 2010People present: Chelsea, Sajan and EmanuelPoints discussed • What tasks people should do? • When they are going to be completed by. • What things we have to do during the half term.Action agreed By whom 1. Production Schedule to be done by today. 1. Chelsea 2. Questionnaire to be created by today. 2. Emanuel 3. Send emails to JJO AFR and PDO to make another 3. Sajan meeting. 4. Chelsea 4. Do the minutes by Thursday period 4. 5. Sajan, Chelsea 5. Create a brainstorm on ideas for sculptures. and Emanuel.For this lesson I created the production schedule, abrainstorm of ideas on sculptures which could be created.(which included what materials it could be made out of,what could be the message behind it, what would workand what could be improved.)
  2. 2. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Monday 1st November 2010People present: Chelsea, Emanuel, Sajan and Mr. WasiqPoints discussed • Discussed what we completed last lesson. • Sajan has completed: Emails to JJO,AFR and PDO to arrange another meeting to discuss the idea of a sculpture. He also created a possible list of materials we could use to create the sculpture. • Emanuel has completed: final questionnaires to be sent around the school, list of ideas for sculpture that we could use. • Chelsea has completed: The minutes of meeting for the last lesson, the weekly production schedule, and a list of ideas for the sculptures.Action agreed By whom 1. For this lesson to have the questionnaire printed 1. Emanuel out ready to be given out for lunch. 2. Check emails to see if teachers have replied to the 2. Sajan email about another meeting, respond to the email. Then to create a brainstorm of ideas for sculpture. 3. Create the minutes of meeting. Check all the group 3. Chelsea is in order.For this lesson I was mainly monitoring the group to makesure they are on task with what they have to do and tosend emails to each of them with the so far productionschedule. I took the meeting today as I was the one whocreated the production schedule and I knew what tasks hadto be done and when they needed to be done by.
  3. 3. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Wednesday 3rd November 2010People present: Sajan, Emanuel and ChelseaPoints discussed • What we have completed so far: • Sajan: Finished idea’s for sculptures. • Emanuel: Gave out some questionnaires, and got some results back so he could analyse some of the results. • Chelsea: Done the minutes of meetings • All: Got as a group and discussed ideas for the sculpture while it was being videoed.Action agreed By whom 1. Type up minutes of meeting. 1. Chelsea 2. Start creating other questionnaires for students and 2. Sajan, Emanuel staff. (Qualitive and Quantitative.) and Chelsea.Other information. - Staff Qualitative: videoed questions as a group with JJO and AFR. - Staff Quantitative. Tick box questions to be done by Chelsea. - Student Quantitative Tick boxes to be done by Sajan. - Student Qualitative: open questions to be done by Emanuel.I took the meeting to day as I knew what was expected tobe done by this lesson and I also took the meeting becauseI am able to keep control of my group and to keep them ontask.
  4. 4. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Monday 8th November 2010People present: Chelsea, Sajan, Emanuel and Mr. Wasiq.Points discussed • What we have done so far? • Emanuel: on blogger he has been doing his diary entries and upload some of the work that we have done. He has also got the results back from the questionnaires he has given out. And started to analyse them. • Sajan: on blogger he had kept up to date with his diary entries. He has also given out and received his students Quantitative questionnaires and has analysed the results. • Chelsea: Given out and received teachers Quantitative questionnaires and have analysed the information that was given.Action agreed By whom 1. To design 3 initial designs for the sculptures from 1. Sajan and the results of the questionnaires. Emanuel. 2. Finish Minutes of meetings 2. Chelsea 3. write about the target audience we are aiming our 3. Chelsea sculpture for.For this lesson I finished the minutes of meetings andwrote a paragraph about the target audience our sculpturewill be aiming for.
  5. 5. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Thursday 11th November 2010People present: Chelsea, Emanuel.Absent: Sajan Rajpoot.Points discussed • What we have completed so far. • Sajan when he was in on Monday he completed some of the designs. • Emanuel: (Monday) – Done first draft on designs (but turned out wrong) (Wednesday) create the final initial designs. • Chelsea: (Monday) – Wrote a paragraph on who we are aiming our sculpture for. Target audience. Then finished the final initial designs. (Wednesday)- Created logo for our group/ company. And thought of a name for our group/ company. • All: evaluated the designs and came up with a final design.Action agreed By whom 1. Draw and colour the final design. 1. Chelsea and 2. Look at power point. (Add and subtract things Emanuel. from it.) 2. Chelsea.
  6. 6. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Monday 15th November 2010People present: Sajan, Chelsea and Emanuel.Points discussed • What we completed on our last Creative and Media lesson. • Sajan was absent on that day so he done none of the work • Emanuel: Sent all work to Chelsea which needed to be included into the presentation. Create a finial design for the sculpture. • Chelsea: Created the power point which was presented to the Cranford governors.Action agreed By whom - For today’s two lessons we have to: 1. Create the risk assessment. 1. Emanuel 2. List all the materials that need to be included in the 2. Sajan sculpture. 3. Chelsea. 3. Finish and catch up on all the minutes of meetings.
  7. 7. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MuralDate: Monday 15th November 2010People present: Sajan, Chelsea, Emanuel and Mrs. Saroya.Points discussedWe had a quick meeting with Mrs. Saroya to talk her through our designs. This isbecause we had two final designs and were only able in the space of time we have tomake one sculpture. We decided to choose the globe on the shoulders as our maindesign because it would be easy to make in the space of time we have. We then spokeabout what materials we would use and things we could use to stick the materialstogether.Action agreed By whom