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Initial ideas for our sculptures


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Initial ideas for our sculptures

  1. 1. 279468138347600Initial ideas for our sculptures. <br />This is the first design idea we had that could have been our final sculpture that we created. We called this sculpture the energy fountain because it looks like a fountain but energy because instead of water coming out we were going to stick batteries looking like they were coming out of the fountain. <br />The next idea we thought of was the on/off light bulb. This would be in a shape of a light bulb. On one half of the light bulb it would be a dark colour (for example black) which would show that the light bulb is off. The other half of the light bulb would be a brighter colour (for example yellow) which would show that half of the light bulb is on. <br />22979107712700-749643480611600<br />