Campaign strategy.


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Campaign strategy.

  1. 1. What:Where:When:Why:Who:Poster. All places around the school that students and teacher would see it. When the campaign starts and for as long as the campaign goes on for. Plus also maybe some other posters that could stay up after the campaign. To raise awareness about wastage in the school and to help promote people to stop wastage. For example: papers in the green recycle bins and other rubbish in the bins. The posters would be aimed at all people of the school. For example: staff (teaching and non-teaching staff) Students, governing body and any parents that come into the school. Assemblies.In the upper gym and concert hall. Whenever that year’s weekly assembly would be. For us it would be during registration. It would be more of a creative way to promote our campaign to the whole school then we are more able you them to recognise the message and then hopefully they will act to what we are asking them to do. By doing the assembly this would be aimed at mainly students from the years 7 to 13, as well as the tutors of those years. Mock Documentary. When the mock documentary is videoed and edited it will be shown in all tutor classes, maybe in assemblies and as well maybe on the screen during lunches and breaks. It would be done half way through the campaign and would be shown as much as the teachers will allow showing it. By doing a mick documentary would be more of a creative way and as it’s a mock documentary it will be finny and then more people will watch it and want to act upon our message. This would mainly be targeted to students as it would be created mainly for them as we know what they would more react to. Presentations.These would be projected during assemblies, during registration and on the screens in the reception, dining hall and concert hall. It would be project in registrations and assemblies around 8.50-9.05am and break times and lunch times. This would be a good way of promoting our campaign because it would be eye catching and visual. As this is what mainly attracts student’s attention. By doing the presentation it would mainly be targeted to students. Voice over broadcast. It would take place over the school speakers where the buzzer takes place. It would take place either during a registration or at break or lunch. By doing a voice over broadcast would be unusual and would attract more attention which would then get people acting on our message.By doing the voice over broadcast would be targeted to everyone in the school at that time. Which would include staff (teaching and non-teaching staff) and students? Competitions. These could take place on the playground or during registrations. These could take place either during break and lunch as a stall on the playground or could be done between years and tutor groups during registrations. This would get people to know more about the message and if they do a competition for it then they could notice how much they know and all they have to do then is put it in action. By doing a competition this would be aimed only at students as it would be them doing the competition. Mufti Day. (With earthy colours.)This would take place during one whole day of school. It could take place right in the middle of our campaign. This would also be an unusual way of promoting, also by people wearing earthy colours they would understand a little more about why we are doing this campaign. By doing the mufti day this would be aimed at all people of the school. <br />