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Library Functions


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Part of an assignment-functions from Morris'

Published in: Education
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Library Functions

  1. 1. Services to Students<br />Reading, Viewing, and ListeningLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersOrganize media and equipment; preview, evaluate, and weedXXXCompile bibliographies, “mediagraphies”, or “Webographies”XXProvide reading guidance through book talks to motivate students to readXGive multimedia presentations using school library media (use a variety of media such as books, realia, websites, videos, and presentation software)XXProvide for local production of media (prepare PowerPoint presentations or edit locally produced videos)XXX<br />Reference WorkLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersProvide accessible online and printed reference materials XUse school library media to develop 21st Century information literacy skills (e.g., effective search strategies, evaluation of print and electronic resources)XCorrelate collections for subject-area useXEstablish liaison with public, university, and special libraries (e.g., interlibrary loans)X<br />InstructionLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersTeach faculty how Internet filters workXXTeach information literacy skills and equipment useXGive orientation tours and workshopsXTeach use of special reference materials (e.g., encyclopedia)XHelp develop and teach a standard bibliographic format, including all types of media and websites on the InternetXDevelop ideas for teaching critical thinking skillsX<br />Clubs and Social and Vocational ProgramsLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersDevelop assistantship programsXXAssist in extracurricular activitiesXXXSponsor paperback book fairs, film festivals, and art exhibitsXPlan school library media center publicityXXSuggest school library media use ideas for assemblies, parent-teacher association programs, classroom projects, and playsXX<br />Services to Teachers and Administrators<br />Curriculum DevelopmentLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersTeach use of school library media through the role model of a teacher-librarianXAttend grade-level or subject area department meetingsXXHelp to design instructional design unitsXLearn teachers’ instructional methods and school library media needs through individual conferencesXXPlan workshops for teacher’s professional, technological, and recreational needsXX<br />Assisting in the Use of MaterialsLibrary Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersHelp teachers become familiar with the school library media centerXXTeach use of a school library media center for researchXOrganize routines for convenient use of materials and equipment, make self-instruction programs availableXXEncourage local production of materialsXEstablish departmental or auxiliary resource centersX<br />Services to the Community<br />Engage in Community Outreach and Promote the Library Media Program Library Media SpecialistTechnology DirectorLibrary Aide/ VolunteersPlan programs to involve parents and community groupsXDevelop a wiki that is used as a cyberlibrary for the center and has access 24/7XXObserve national media-related eventsXPublicize school library media activities XXEngage community business and professional persons to speak to school and school library media center groupsX<br />