Action Plan Timeline


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Workshop planning timeline

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Action Plan Timeline

  1. 1. <ul><li>MonthTasksEstimated TimeAprilWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Meet with committee members to design a survey to determine faculty’s current monitoring strategies and their issues/concerns regarding the 1:1 laptop classroom and establish a workshop dateCollect needs assessment data (survey faculty members via e-mail using Survey Monkey or other electronic survey toolInstall LanSchool software on librarian’s laptop and begin testing softwareLibrarian will analyze and summarize data from faculty surveyMeet with committee members to review needs assessment data and establish goals/objectives for LanSchool/monitoring strategies workshop2 hoursAllot one week for faculty members to complete surveyLibrarian will use the software daily during the library’s hours of operation2 hours3 hoursMayWeeks 1 and 2Week 3Week 4Librarian will continue testing LanSchool software during the last two weeks of school to determine what functions will need to be addressed in the workshop (i.e., what functions are intuitive the user and what functions are not). The technology director will need to install LanSchool on faculty laptops prior to summer vacation.An e-mail will be sent to all faculty regarding the date of the workshop (save the date).Create a report regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the program for library committee (prioritize which functions should be addressed in the workshop)The librarian will meet with the committee to go over the results of testing the LanSchool software. The committee will begin establishing what functions of LanSchool and monitoring strategies will be taught to meet the established goals and objectives of the action planLibrarian will use the software daily during the library’s hours of8 hours (not a part of the librarian’s charged hours)20 minutes3 hours3 hoursJuneThe librarian will collaborate with the teachers on the planning committee to build a workshop outline detailing the workshop objective and instructional strategies for each topicThe planning committee will meet to review the planning outline for the workshop and make any necessary revisions5 hours3 hoursJulyWeek 1Week 2-3Week 4The librarian will create visual aids for the workshop as well as handouts The planning committee will meet by the middle of July to create promotional materials for the workshop. They will also review the visual aids and handouts as well as develop the post-workshop survey for the faculty.The librarian will finalize all reviewed documents and visual aids and will make the necessary copies of handouts. She will again send out a faculty wide e-mail advertising the workshop.4 hours4 hours2 hoursAugustWeek 1 (Day Before the Workshop)Week 1 (Day of the Workshop)Week 2Week 3The Mac lab will need to be set-up the afternoon before the workshop-handouts need to be placed at each seat. The librarian will want to test the visual aids and technology as well as set up a sign-in sheet and refreshment area. Refreshments will need to be purchased the day before the workshopThe librarian and technology director will need to arrive an hour prior to the workshop to turn on all technology and test that all props for the workshop are working. Hold the workshop for seventh and ninth grade faculty with a 15 minute break.The librarian will analyze and summarize post-workshop survey resultsMeet with the planning committee to review survey results and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the workshop to establish what changes need to be made before it is held again2 hours1 hour1 hour3 hours2 hours3 hoursTotal Hours = 43 hrs. 20 min.