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  1. 1. The logo for Ravenous will appear on the backs of all the cards and on advertisement supplements.<br />Ravenous Bio-Hazard Level 5 is a Collectible Card Game set in the zombie apocalypse genre. <br />Target Market 14-35 males (CCG Market) In North America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia and Australia.<br />
  2. 2. Ravenous is playable by 2 or more players. <br />Players assemble decks of 60 cards from their collection, of up to 403 different cards.<br />Each deck is split roughly in half. 30 zombie cards and 30 survivor cards, picked from 1 of 7 factions.<br />In game, survivor cards defend and zombie cards attack.<br />Life is measured by a players’ deck of cards. Each time a zombie attacks and is not blocked, players must discard cards from the deck. <br />First player to discard all cards loses. <br />Basic Play<br />
  3. 3. There are two ways to play cards. <br />Survivors and Zombies play in a chain event. They have strength or power from 1-6. When playing, if you play a 1, then a 2, 3, and so on, they may be played for free. If you play out of order you must pay resources.<br />All other cards you must pay resources.<br />Resources can be paid for by using locations, or by discarding cards from your hand to pay the cost.<br />Survivor factions have a combination of survivors, enhancements (played on survivors), action cards, locations, and events. <br />Players determine who goes first, then both draw 7 cards. <br />Each player takes their turn: First they draw 2 cards, the play cards and attack their opponent. Their opponent then follows the same steps.<br />Play, Continued<br />
  4. 4. Unique Elements of Ravenous<br />Quick game play, easy to learn and easy to play.<br />Immediate play, you being the first round. <br />Continuous play. You can pay ‘resources’ by discarding cards, so you do not need to wait a turn without play.<br />7 major factions and many sub factions. <br />Unique characters. These characters are limited to one each per deck. They are hard to find, but quite powerful. They lend well to comics, graphic novels, and action figures. They were created to promote cross marketing and creating a rich back story. <br />
  5. 5. Prototype promotional poster for Ravenous: California, the second box set.<br />