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Community walk


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Spring 2013 Community Walk

Published in: Education
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Community walk

  1. 1. Community WalkMorton School OfExcellenceBy: Kevin Graham,Yekaterina Loseva, and SharieceSmith, Fiona Connaghan, Val Chekmazov, DarnellLogan, Crystal Perez, and Stephanie Hanson
  2. 2. East Garfield Park
  3. 3. East Garfield ParkHistorical Context● Late 1800s - Constructionof Elevated Railway bringsmanufacturing to EastGarfield Park● Early residents includeimmigrant Irish, German,Italian, and Russian Jews● Great Depression & WorldWar II - Many homesdeteriorate
  4. 4. East Garfield ParkHistorical Context● 1950s bring a changein residents - AfricanAmericans move intoneighborhood● Creation of severalfederally-fundedsegregated housingprojects lead to furtherhousing decay
  5. 5. East Garfield ParkHistorical Context● 1960s bring efforts for urbanrenewal - African Americansorganize for better housing &amenities● Activism undermined by riotsof 1968 - Substantial out-migration devastates businesssector● Today East Garfield Park is onthe path of gentrification -Named one of Chicagos upand coming neighborhoodsby Business Week in 2007
  6. 6. Community Demographics● 94% African Americans● Age Distribution:○ 0-5: 8.6%○ 6-18: 26.1%○ 19-34: 21.4%○ 35-64: 33.4%○ 65+: 10.5%● Average Household Income:○ <$25K: 42%○ $25K-50K: 24%○ $50K-75K: 17%○ $75K-100K: 9%○ >$100K: 6%● 29% of housing units owneroccupied (up 6.8% since 1990)
  7. 7. Organizations & AssetsMarillac Social Center● Project Hope, Early ChildhoodCenter, Literacy Development,Food Pantry, Senior ProgramGarfield Park Conservatory● Garfield Market, Community & ChildrensGardens, LISC Green Vitality InitiativeSafer Foundation● Transition programs forincarcerated adults
  8. 8. Organizations & AssetsInspiration Corporation● Culinary training for homelessHoops in the Hood● Summer Basketball League,Youth Arts, Health Screening,Police Enforcement
  9. 9. Morton in the NewsFox News video on Morton School ofExcellence:Successful School Turnarounds Offer Glimpseof HopeBegin at time index: 1:37
  10. 10. Highlights atMorton
  11. 11. The YMCA at MortonThe YMCA has been a strong and influential partnership ofMorton School of Excellence. The implementation ofprograms and coordination of resources to develop bridgesbetween students, families, communities and school is amain goal of the organization. Having had headquarterswithin our school building, this organization has had somegreat and positive impacts on our learning community.Mr. Antwon Mallory, the Community SchoolsResource Coordinator of the YMCA ofMetropolitan Chicago, took some time to sharewith us a little bit more about the goals and purposeof this organization.
  12. 12. The YMCA at MortonOn Mr. Mallorys role and responsibilities:"I oversee programs, coordinate resources, and develop partnerships to strategically meet theneeds of students, parents, and families. I am responsible for making Community Schoolprogramming a valuable resource and asset not only within the school, but within the surroundingcommunities as well."On the students who the program caters to:"Other than 1styear Pre-K students, the YMCA caters to preschool, primary, intermediate, andmiddle school. There are even past Morton students who are now in high school that are stillinvolved in the Male Mentoring program. Because Community School programming focuses oncommunity, our programs are also available to students outside the school."Mr. Mallorys take on the East Garfield Park Community and resources available:"There are many resources in East Garfield Park and West Humboldt Park, but more effort needsto be invested into ensuring that students and adults are aware of the resources being offered.Kelly Hall YMCA, which is located west on Chicago Ave., is a facility that mostly caters tochildren and their needs, one of which is academic. There is a Chicago Public Library locatedright down the street from Morton on Kedzie Blvd. The YMCA’s Summer Day Camp program atMorton has academics built into its engaging curriculum. I believe there are valuable resources inthe community that support students academically and in other ways as well."
  13. 13. The YMCA at MortonBenefits for students of the YMCA program at Morton:-Academic support-Enrichment activities-Positive role modeling from caring adults (Male Mentoring Program)-Safe environment to grow, explore, and develop-Participation in enjoyable activities that cater to their interests-Exposure to new experiences-Increases in self-esteem and confidence from Step performances, ScholasticBowl competitions, and ‘May I Have This Dance’ contests-Opportunities to engage with and have parents involved in their experiences
  14. 14. Girls With A Vision otherwiseknow as G.W.A.C is an afterschool program started for theempowerment of young girls atMorton School of Excellence.The program is lead by a group ofMiddle School teachers and pridesitself on enabling girls to developtheir fullest potential asresponsible citizens of the world.Girls With A Vision
  15. 15. G.W.A.VThe girls work within the school as leaders and organizeprojects that help the entire community both inside andoutside the school, such as food drives, coat drives, andtutoring.
  16. 16. Quotes From G.W.A.V. Members"Girls With A Vision has taught me tonot only be a leader within the schoolbut also within my community."-7thGrader Khaliya P."G.W.A.V. teachers young girls howto make a difference, we have acreed that we live by."-7th GraderDashai M."G.W.A.V. has brought the middleschool girls closer together and hastaught us how to communicate aboutthe issues that matter to us."-7thGrader Ariel C.G.W.A.V. CREED
  17. 17. Our Cherished Community ofLearners
  18. 18. Funds of Knowledge - Moll"Funds of knowledge represents a positive (and realistic) view ofhouseholds as containing ample cultural and cognitive resources withgreat, potential utility for cultural instruction." (Moll 134)Mortons "Funds of Knowledge" have a strong foundation of:● Music● Art/Dance● Athleticism● Local outreach/Philanthropy
  19. 19. Funds of Knowledge - Moll"By capitalizing on household and other community resources [funds ofknowledge], we can organize classroom instruction that far exceeds inquality the rote-like instruction ..." (Moll 132)Community and classroom instruction:● Incorporation of communitys funds of knowledge suchas music, art, dance, and athletic-related activities in theclassroom instruction can bring a greater level ofrelevancy for the students.● Linking classroom instruction with community programscan enhance the level of solidarity in both classroomand neighborhood.
  20. 20. Bonding Social Capital - Bryk et al."Bonding social capital focuses on the density of supportive social tieswithin a neighborhood or community. The existence of such ties affordsgroup solidarity that makes achieving goals much more likely" (Bryk etal. 2010)."Strengths connected to Morton:● Community programs are available for students andfamilies within the community.Limitations connected to Morton:● Community programs and Morton have not formedpartnerships to encourage student and familyparticipation.
  21. 21. Bridging Social Capital - Bryk et al."Bridging social capital accrues as community residents haveopportunities to engage with external individuals and organizations.These links with "different others" are valuable for just this reason"(Bryk et al. 2010).Strengths connected to Morton:● Relationships formed with outside organizations such as the YMCAand Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4).Limitations connected to Morton:● Currently no partnerships or organizations that connect thestudents and families to other outside communities.
  22. 22. Outside Services That Would BenefitMorton CommunityAlthough Morton doeshave a variety ofresources there is stilla need for servicesthat are not being metsuch as counseling,after school tutoring,and parent outreachservices.
  23. 23. Programs Morton Should Bring InA+ tutoring is a great program that has helpedincrease many math scores at CasalsElementary. Morton can bring this program into help add more help to students as wetransition from IL state standards to CCSS(common core state standards)
  24. 24. Programs Morton Should Bring In(cont...)YMCA is a tutoring andmentoring program thatused to be in Mortonand it had a hugeimpact on the academicand social improvementof the students atMorton. Morton shouldwork very hard to getthe YMCA back into theschool.
  25. 25. Programs Morton Should Bring In(cont...)Incredible YearsProgramMorton should collaborate withNational Louis University (anAUSL affiliate) to continue toexpand the "Incredible Years"program to help parentsprofessionally and emotionally.The program also works withthe students through workingwith the families directly.
  26. 26. Bonding and Bridging Social Capital"The level of bonding social capital and bridging socialcapital in a community plays a significant role in thecapacity of a local school to improve student outcomes"(Bryk et al. 2010).Future Implications:● Renew and strengthen relationships withoutside organizations (YMCA and C4)● Build relationships with local organizationsthrough partnerships with the school, suchas local religious organizations.
  27. 27. What this means for Instruction?-Teachers are able to build from the outside community to bring aconnection to the students- Enlist outside community groups to be apart of the classroom- Foster engagement in lessons- Provide information for students to receive support in theireducation-Help drive instruction through positive encouragement of the growtharound them.-With the community and the school striving to for change, this attitudeinstills a push for a rigorous education for the students. The community isnot focused on meeting the students level by a means of wateringeducation down, but they want the students to be competitors in Chicagoeducation so they always look for more and more higher level thinking inthe curriculum.
  28. 28. Community Walk Snippets
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