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Time to build a better web!             Yes, we mean you!               Chris Heilmann, Heart and Sole, Portsmouth, Januar...
Open Web Tech
Focusing on the job.
Change needs promotion...
Why should you care?
ere should be no magic...
Take pride in the invisible.
Avoid repeating mistakes.
A few worries...
Change is preposterous!
Not everything will t.
It is all out in the open!
You are in the sweet spot.
No special member treatment.
Information is free and open
Tools to make life easier.
e big ones are on board!
Screencast of Nikebetterworld
Screencast of Oprah’s web site
Scared? It is time to let go!
Cool stuff is coming soon!
Thanks!Chris Heilmann@codepo8
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Time to build a better web!


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Right now is an incredibly exciting time to be someone who wants to build stuff for the web (and that includes mobile).

Innovation in hardware and software goes leaps and bounds and very simple to learn technologies give you reach and access to things that were until now hidden behind licenses and hard to use enterprise software packages.

Take this and the web as a media to tell people about your work and ask for advice and you will see that soon you do what you love and make money with it.

In this talk Chris Heilmann shows you how anyone can make a difference and do their part to make our jobs and lives easier.

Published in: Technology, Design