Opening up Yahoo! to Users and Developers


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My keynote talk at Future of Web Apps in London talking about the change Yahoo went through over the last years opening up more and more to developers and a glimpse of the immediate future.

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Opening up Yahoo! to Users and Developers

  1. Opening up Yahoo! to Users and Developers Christian Heilmann Future of Web Apps, London,
  2. !Neal
  3. I’m Chris.
  4. Neil is well clever about the Yahoo Open Strategy
  5. I am just well excited about it.
  6. So Neal’s talk was all like:
  7. My approach is different.
  9. The Yahoo Open Strategy has three goals:
  10. 1. Make Yahoo more social 2. Open to third parties like never before 3. Rewire Yahoo
  11. But how, do tell?
  12. Let’s go a back in time a bit...
  13. Yahoo = big old internet company
  14. But they already started getting people in that dared to think differently.
  15. (No, nothing to do with fruit)
  16. Who still innovate, hard!
  18. Amongst other things, these companies showed Yahoo the impact of APIs and distribution.
  19. Hence we went nuts on giving you APIs:
  20. Another thing we took on very early is the need for different formats:
  22. tags=hamsters&lang=en-us&format=atom
  23. tags=hamsters&lang=en-us&format=php
  24. tags=hamsters&lang=en-us&format=json&jsoncallback=icanhaz
  25. tags=hamsters&lang=en-us&format=lol
  26. My first job inside Yahoo was related to another new product:
  27. Answers tapped into the wisdom of the masses to help another and not solely rely on expert advice. £1 for the Buzzword kitty
  28. We came to understand very fast that with the right products and the right channels we can get a lot of cool content.
  29. Content from our users for our users.
  30. You could call it user generated content (UGC). £1 for the Buzzword kitty
  31. We also found that people do awesome things with the data provided through APIs.
  33. However, mixing those with the Yahoo sites as they were was harder than we thought.
  34. The other thing we came to understand is that mashing up data can be tricky (read: annoying)
  35. Hence:
  36. One common request:
  38. This is what you will get with YOS.
  39. It is called Yahoo Query Language (YQL) and you can download the docs at:
  40. SELECT * from WHERE query=quot;puppiesquot; LIMIT 3 OFFSET 10
  41. Yahoo as your Database :)
  42. But what about the social graph? £1 for the Buzzword kitty
  43. Yes, there’s a full social API, at /social/
  44. Yahoo has *a lot* of users and we will do our best to get them connected and understand the benefits of social networking.
  45. Ok, we have data, we have users and their connections.
  46. So what do we have delivered so far?
  47. Address Book: access and update contacts BOSS: build your own search service Fire Eagle: create location-aware applications and services GeoPlanet: manage all geo-permanent named places on Earth Music: use the Yahoo! Music catalog of artists, albums, videos, and more SearchMonkey: use structured data to enhance your Yahoo! Search results
  48. What’s coming?
  49. YAP – Yahoo Application Platform.
  50. YAP will make it easy for you to build applications for the Yahoo framework.
  51. It’ll allow you to write the code, get the data, promote and place your apps.
  52. It’ll be something like Searchmonkey allows you to do now.
  53. It’ll allow you to write the code, get the data, promote and place your apps
  54. It’ll allow you to write the code, get the data, promote and place your apps
  55. Building apps – woo!
  56. But where to put them?
  57. My Yahoo! – Opened Yahoo! homepage – Opened Mail – Opened Media properties – Opened
  58. Yeah, OK, what about the open?
  59. Open Social OpenID oAuth open bar
  60. So, is this coming?
  61. Yeah.
  62. Is it going to be cool?
  63. Reaching millions of people with my apps – yeah I think so.
  64. Does answering your own questions make you look pretentious?
  65. Yes, it does. Stop it now.
  66. THANKS! Christian Heilmann | | twitter: codepo8