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Mozilla, the web and you! (including notes)


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Mozilla, the web and you! (including notes)

  1. 1. Mozilla, the web and you!This is a talk about opportunities and the future of communication between humans. Mozilla is working hard on building a future where the internet is themain communication channel for everyone, regardless of location and wealth. To this end, we are working on a few things we’d like to share with you andyou can be part of.
  2. 2. The web is amazing! a map of the world connectivity. All these white dots mean people can get onto the web and communicate with each other. The web made ourworld much smaller and allows for incredibly useful communication.
  3. 3. The web gives us a voice Evolution of communication World-wide reach Publication as easy as consumptionIf you think about it, the web is the natural evolution of other means of communication like telephones and print media. You can reach people world-wideand you are as much a source of important information as anybody else is.This photo shows a child hearing for the first time in his life, by means of a hearing aid. This sense of wonder happens to a lot of people when they first goonline and see that they can publish there.
  4. 4. The web is for everybody Simple release process Simple technologies Not exclusive to expertsThe great thing about the web is that you dont need to be an expert in a field to be part of it. The processes and technologies driving the web are simpleenough for everybody to help make it better.
  5. 5. Mozilla is here for the webMozilla, in its very core, is an organisation for the web. We are not for profit, we dont have stakeholders and a share price to care about, all of you on theweb are our stakeholders.
  6. 6. Opening the web for everybodyhttps://webmaker.orgMaking the web available to people is something we call webmaking.
  7. 7. Starting with HTML the fun way provide a set of tools that get people started quickly with that called Mozilla Thimble.
  8. 8. Making video talk to the web make it easy for people to make video interact with the web using a tool called Popcorn.
  9. 9. Simple technologies HTML structures content CSS defines look and feel JavaScript adds interactivityPhoto by Howard Dickins great thing about the web is that the technologies that power it are simple and easy to learn. HTML structures content, CSS defines the look and feeland JavaScript brings you interactivity.
  10. 10. Being there for developershttp://developer.mozilla.orgWe are part of the Mozilla Developer Network, the only truly open and editable developer resource on the web. Our site, is likethe web - open, editable and up to date.
  11. 11. We need you! (part 1)Which is where our first request comes in. As we are editable we can provide you with the best service possible. What we need above all things istranslations. So if you are up for that, we now have a translation tool right in the documentation.
  12. 12. Simply pick your language and start translating.
  13. 13. Can has translate?The translation tool is easy enough to handle, it shows the page content next to an editor that allows you to translate in context.
  14. 14. History: the desktop warsBack in the days, Mozilla had one main goal - to keep the web free and open for everybody. Which is why we made Firefox to replace the monopoly ofInternet Explorer. This paved the way for other browsers to come and do the same thing. And by now even IE is a browser that values web standards overproprietary standards.
  15. 15. Shift happensPhoto by Jason Weaver the desktop was a good thing, but it is not enough. In the recent years weve seen a massive shift on the web. People dont use desktop machinesbut are much more mobile - we have laptops and we use mobile devices to go online.
  16. 16. F*#k yeah HTML5!One big message was that HTML5 will change all that. One big company especially stood up and declared the desktop dead and Flash being outdated andHTML5 being the thing that will empower developers.
  17. 17. Erm, yeah, we mean apps!Photo by Michael Gil same company then quickly realised though that the real way to make money with mobile devices is to sell expensive mobile devices and apps. Tomake that easier for them, they went back to native code and not to web code.
  18. 18. Lock-out us er dr oid S/ An iO them o rd ’t aff CanAnd this is where we are now - the things that make a phone interesting for a developer are largely not available for web developers. And the greatopportunity of having web-enabled phones is a privilege of those who can afford them.
  19. 19. Thats wrong! Desktop ✔ Mobile ?Keeping in touch with our mission as Mozilla we took on that challenge and want to bring the change we brought to the desktop to the mobile world. Wedo this in two different ways.
  20. 20. Hardware accesshttp://arewemobileyet.comThe first step was to provide APIs to access the hardware in mobile devices. We now have 21 different APIs to access the hardware in mobile phones viaJavaScript.
  21. 21. Call State dialing, busy, incoming, ringing Control call, answer, hangup web telephony API status : most work donePhoto by Rev Dan Catt web telephony API allows you to control calls you can call, answer and terminate calls and you can read the call state.
  22. 22. This code shows how to do a simple call followed by a more elaborate version which has a readystatechange handler. You can also see how to react toincoming calls an how to define a call handler for these events.
  23. 23. Interact find, filter, view messages Control send, delete, find web sms API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by fazen web SMS API allows you to interact and control your SMS.
  24. 24. This example shows how to write a function that sends an SMS and the handler to deal with the results.
  25. 25. boot2gecko Battery Status charging, battery level, battery life remaining, change events Network Info estimated bandwidth ex. 3G, metered Power Mgmt screen on/off, brightness, lock state camera APIPhoto by Photo by wolfgangfoto wolfgangfoto status : in progressYou have control over the network information giving you the estimated bandwidth (read-only, sadly enough), you can read the battery status and you canread and write the screen state, brightness and lock.
  26. 26. This example shows how to work with the battery status API. This one works fine in Firefox on desktop, too.
  27. 27. ContactsManager find, clear, save, remove ContactFindOptions find, filter, sort contacts web contacts API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by TOKY Branding and Design contacts API allows you to access your contacts and find and manage them from JavaScript.
  28. 28. Detect screen orientation, primary orientation. Control screen orientation lock. screen orientation status : donePhoto by Viking KARWUR can detect the screen orientation, the primary orientation of the device and lock the orientation.
  29. 29. Capabilities picture size, video size, zoom supported, effects, flash modes... Control take picture, start and stop video recording, auto focus, set quality, thumb size camera API status : in progressPhoto by wolfgangfoto most useful API for a smartphone is the camera API and the current status supports various cameras and control a lot of the quality and size of theimages taken with them.
  30. 30. WebRTCWebRTC is a very important step towards a streaming web. Used almost exclusively these days forvideo streaming and conferencing it can also allows us to stream large files to each other andturn any computer into a recording device.
  31. 31. A truly open mobile OS ...powered by HTML5 Firefox OS (with the product name Boot 2 Gecko) we created the first truly open operating system for mobile devices powered by HTML5.
  32. 32. Firefox OS architecture GONK The low level OS GECKO The application runtime for B2G of B2G GAIA The user interface of B2G Photo by Alesa Dam OS works on three levels. We have Gonk, which is the same Linux core used in Android, we have Gecko which is the Firefox Engine and we haveGaia which is the visual layer.
  33. 33. HTML5 all aroundEverything that is visible to end users in Firefox OS is written using web technologies. The system itself is HTML, CSS and JavaScript and all the apps runningin it are, too.
  34. 34. Endless opportunitiesPhoto by Benjamin Esham: opens us up to a whole new world of mobile devices and operating systems. The web is about easy deployment and customisation, and with FirefoxOS building a phone interface is as simple as building a web site. We can build custom phones for different SIM cards or use cases without having to messwith the OS.
  35. 35. What about apps? { "version": "1.0", "name": "MozillaBall", "description": "Exciting Open Web development action!", "icons": { "16": "/img/icon-16.png", "48": "/img/icon-48.png", + "128": "/img/icon-128.png" }, "developer": { "name": "Mozilla Labs", "url": "" }, "installs_allowed_from": [ "" ], "default_locale": "en" }Apps for Firefox OS are actually web sites with a manifest file.
  36. 36. We need you! (part 2)If all of that sounds good to you, please help us spread the word about Firefox OS. We need you to translate the docs with us and we need you to tellpeople about the work we do.
  37. 37. How to get started? started building apps is easy, just go to and learn all about them.
  38. 38. Firefox OS now? started with Firefox OS is also not hard, but actually not that needed. We have simulators for different Desktop environments for you to play with.
  39. 39. What about hardware?http://openwebdevice.comIn terms of hardware that runs Firefox OS - here comes the good news: Vivo in Brazil are bringing out a very affordable phone that runs our system.
  40. 40. Talk to us, and talk about us!Follow @Boot2Gecko and @mozhacks on TwitterJoin platform mailing list: in on IRC: channel #B2GB2G Repo: Architecture: Repo: Docs: API Docs: have people here you can talk to and we are available on mailing lists and IRC if you have questions. The documentation is out there and we are happyfor you to work with us.
  41. 41. Making you the star “To equip Evangelism Reps with the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations (small or large) world-wide and spread Mozillas mission.” program we also have is an evangelism reps program that turns developers into speakers, bloggers and writers. You will find all the information aboutthis on the wiki.
  42. 42. Thanks!