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Introducing Placemaker


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introduction to Placemaker, Yahoo's geolocation API that extracts geo information from URLs or free text.

Published in: Spiritual, Technology

Introducing Placemaker

  1. Introducing Placemaker Christian Heilmann | | YDN Tuesday at Skills Matter, London, UK, July 2009
  2. Spatial Fanboy
  3. Placemaker
  4. Thanks. Any questions?
  5. A web of information
  6. Searching & Finding
  7. Analysing & deciding
  8. Human additives
  9. Mobility
  10. Hidden goodies
  11. Free Text Places URL References
  12. First we take Manhattan, and then we take Berlin.
  13. Calling Placemaker document documentContent=First+we+take +Manhattan+and+then+we+take +Berlin. documentType=text/plain appid=my_appid
  14. Parameters appid - nothing happens without it! inputLanguage documentURL fr-CA,de-DE... url to analyze outputType documentType xml or RSS MIME type of doc documentContent autoDisambiguate text to analyse remove duplicates documentTitle focusWoeid additional title filter around a woeid
  15. First we take Manhattan, and then we take Berlin.
  16. First we take Manhattan, and then we take Berlin.
  17. Working with Placemaker results
  18. Places
  19. References
  20. Annoyances
  21. 50,000 bytes
  22. The broken web
  23. POST vs. GET
  24. !JSON
  25. Places vs. References
  26. Fixes
  27. YQL to fix the web.
  28. Connecting places and references
  30. YQL open table for GET and JSON
  31. Good news, everyone!
  33. Implementations
  34. Yahoo News Map
  35. TweetLocations
  36. Geo this! (Greasemonkey)
  37. GeoMaker Collaboration
  38. GeoMaker API
  39. JS Placemaker
  40. You have the data...
  41. You have the tools...
  42. All you need is a great idea.
  43. Flickr knows woeid :)
  46. T H A N K S ! Keep in touch: Christian Heilmann