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Fencing In The Habitat

My talk at the Accessibility 2.0 conference by AbilityNet in London on 25th of April 2008. I explain what mistakes people make when trying to sell accessibility and which accessibility enhancements really are just overhead.

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Fencing In The Habitat

  1. Fencing-in the habitat How to do the right thing and get it wrong Christian Heilmann, AbilityNet, London, April 2008
  2. We’re here at an accessibility conference.
  3. Most likely all of you want to create accessible products and know why we should.
  4. Genuinely usable and accessible sites and products are very rare.
  5. Sites that claim accessibility and companies that claim to make your product accessible are not.
  6. People only grudgingly embrace the need for accessibility.
  7. How many times where you asked to provide numbers of how many disabled people a site has?
  8. Don’t play the game of numbers (buying power of disabled users).