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Ask not what the YUI can do for you...


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A quick presentation for the 2nd birthday of the YUI

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ask not what the YUI can do for you...

  1. Don’t ask what YUI can do for you... Christian Heilmann, YUI 2nd Birthday Party, London 26/02/08
  2. OK, OK, you do not really need to do anything for the YUI...
  3. But you can help us make the YUI even better!
  4. How, oh boy oh boy how? might say
  5. Tell us about your experience with the YUI!
  6. We test *a lot*, but we can’t simulate every environment - so we need you!
  7. Ways to contact us: Use the forum, Luke:
  8. Ways to contact us: Read and comment on the blog:
  9. Ways to contact us: File bugs and feature request on SourceForge: reportingbugs/
  10. But... Before you file bugs, remember what we support.
  12. This is not lazyness... is moving ahead in web design instead of looking back.
  13. Tell us what you found, tell us what you did.
  14. And in return, we can tell the world about you.
  17. We’re happy to help,but we can’t do your job for you.
  18. YUI comes with probably the most extensive documentation of all the frameworks.
  19. 270 examples, cheatsheets and a full API documentation makes it easy to find what you need.
  20. Just have a look, and a little patience.
  21. There is no one-size-fits-all documentation type.
  22. If you play, and you find nice explanations that work for you - tell us!
  23. We’re happy to link good examples from the YUI documentation.
  24. Anyways...
  25. Time to Party!