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@ Catering Salads


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@ Catering Salads

  1. 1. @ catering Salads caprese salad- cherry, sundried, plum, basil oil arugula and green bean salad w/ caper vinaigrette classic Caesar roasted asparagus, mixed greens, goat cheese crouton, balsamic mixed greens, mandarin oranges, red onions, feta, red wine vinaigrette tequila lime grilled shrimp, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, mango, mango vinaigrette mixed greens w/ strawberries, blueberries, candied pecans, honey balsamic 5 bean salad w/ tomatoes, celery, red onion, red wine vinaigrette panzanella salad fennel, apple, celery, red grape, arugula w/ balsamic roasted red onion, pear, goat cheese, spinach, dijon vinaigrette mixed greens, beets, pistachios, parmesan, red wine vinaigrette mediterranean rice salad, scallions, pistachios, almonds, raisins, lemon and olive oil shrimp, white bean, arugula, sundried tomato vinaigrette frisee, bacon, poached egg, dijon vinaigrette lentil salad w/ salsa verde apple, almonds, manchengo, mixed greens, dijon vinaigrette arugula and mint, red onion, feta w/ citrus vinaigrette